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Monitor Asset Integrity

Giving those that manage civil infrastructure the ability to monitor the condition of their underwater assets with high-res data.


Industry Expert

Industry Expert

Russell Giles

Voyis helps you monitor and investigate deterioration in its early stages so that you can avoid costly replacement or reconstruction of critical underwater infrastructure. Laser scanning provides detailed 3D data so that an accurate baseline can be established and effectively monitored over time.

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Why Voyis For Civil Infrastructure?

Monitor critical assets

Analyse your data in real-time

Remotely detect defects

Enable automation in your operations

Knowledgable supportĀ 

Designed for rugged environments


Voyis products are ideal for generating 3D models for civil infrastructure and supporting predictive maintenance on critical assets.


Pipe & Tunnel Inspection

Voyis has a proven integration with leading pipe crawlers, making inspections in rugged environments easier.


Hydroelectric Dams

3D models are more accurate than traditional inspection methods helping you gain certainty to continue safe operation


Harbours & Bridges

3D models are more accurate than traditional inspection methods helping you gain certainty to continue safe operation

Underwater laser scanners can produce high-resolution 3-D point clouds of underwater targets to detect and monitor defects such as cracks, spalling, scour, corrosion, and cavitation damage.

Tracy B. Vermeyen, P.E

U.S Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation

The [Insight Nano] proved to perform to the highest degree of accuracy and precision.

Adam Hamilton

Total Marine Technology

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Industry Expert

Industry Expert

Russell Giles


Can I integrate Voyis products into my existing pipe crawler?

Absolutely, the Insight Nano is perfectly suited for inner pipe inspection on existing pipe crawlers or centralizers. Simply mount it on the vehicle and control it from the surface with long-range serial communication.


Does water turbidity affect underwater laser scanner results?

Yes, Voyis products are optically based and range will be limited by the visibility range in the water column. Talk to our experts about whether your conditions are suitable for optical inspection.


Can the laser scanner penetrate from air to water?

Laser scans cannot penetrate through a water/air boundary. But, our laser scanning products can be used for 3D modelling in both air and water mediums, enabling you to gain full asset coverage with one product.

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We provide versatile optical solutions to expand your underwater capability and enhance understanding of remote, challenging environments.

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