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Voyis and MarineNav Join Forces for a Successful Hull Inspection Demonstration

We are thrilled to announce another successful Voyis Expedition. Last week, Voyis and MarineNav Ltd. collaborated to integrate the Voyis Discovery Stereo Camera with the MarineNav Oceanus Ultimate ROV. This integration was conducted in Ontario, Canada, specifically...

Uncovering Secrets: Mysteries of the Titanic Officer Quarters

The RMS Titanic, a marvel of early 20th-century engineering, remains one of the most famous ships in history, not just for its tragic end but for the fascinating details that continue to emerge about its voyage. Among these details, the officer quarters hold a...

Below the Surface: Underwater Solutions for Nuclear Infrastructure Integrity

In the realm of nuclear energy, safety and efficiency are paramount. The rigorous demands of inspecting nuclear facilities require advanced and evolving technologies that ensure safety protocols and regulatory compliance. In our continued exploration into the...

Discovery Camera Integration with BlueROV

In an exciting collaboration with our sister companies, we have successfully integrated the Voyis Discovery Camera with the BlueROV2, a robust and versatile underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV). This combined solution has proven not only easy to operate but also...

New OASIS Project with Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

[Waterloo – Canada], July 04, 2024 - Voyis, a leading provider of ocean imaging solutions, is thrilled to announce its latest venture, the OASIS Project. Funded by Canada’s Ocean Supercluster’s UK Collaborative Ocean Innovation Solutions program, in partnership with...

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