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How the future of optical sensors will enhance navigation

The ocean sector has a clear emerging vision for underwater exploration – uncrewed surface vessels deploying autonomous subsea platforms. Which would reduce the cost of deployment and access to remote regions, for survey companies, research institutes and global...

Colour Imaging Series: Data Processing Software

Ocean surveyors have historically relied on subsea video cameras deployed in underwater vehicles for environmental monitoring, general inspection, and underwater situational awareness. But the operating mechanism of “video” significantly limits the ability of advanced...

Colour Imaging Series: Imaging System Configurability

Colour Imaging blog series: this edition will focus on the configurability of our products & simplified integration into all subsea vehicles

Introducing Forcys

We’re excited to be partnering with Forcys, newest member of the COVELYA GROUP LIMITED family, working with navies and defence organisations

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We provide versatile optical solutions to expand your underwater capability and enhance understanding of remote, challenging environments.

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