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Underwater vehicles: differences between AUVs and ROVs

Today we rely on robotic underwater vehicles, equipped with powerful sensors, to get us to remote regions to survey large areas of the deep sea. These vehicles are constantly evolving, gaining new capabilities that enable us to travel further than before.  Whilst...

What are the differences between Laser and Sonar technology?

In this post we will explore the main differences between laser and sonar technology. We will go over best use cases for each and review what is the best option for different types of projects. In underwater inspection, there is a need for sensors that...

Deep Water Laser Survey Mapping from ROVs

Voyis recently released the Perception XL, a new 4000m rated laser scanning WROV skid specifically designed for generating extremely detailed volumetric point cloud models. The Perception XL enables you to gather incredibly dense data that was previously unachievable...

Building the Great Map 2022

Click here to register today and attend the event! Glosapalooza is a chance for observers of all sorts to hear the latest from the Great Lakes Observing System, be inspired for what’s next, and connect with other water data lovers. Glosapalooza is made up of four...

Danish Navy Mine Identification with Voyis and LAUV’s

The Project In January 2022 the first of several LAUV units were delivered to the naval base of Frederikshavn, Denmark. This delivery is part of the recently signed agreement between OCEANSCAN-MST, a Portuguese manufacturer of Lightweight Autonomous Underwater...

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