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Expanding uncrewed systems’ capability with laser and camera solutions for confident and efficient subsea defence missions.


Industry Expert

Industry Expert

Luke Richardson

Enable your crew to perform covert MCM, identification, optical intelligence gathering, and surveillance all while reducing operational risk and improving certainty in results.

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Why Voyis For Defence?

Suitable for a variety of deployments

Increased operational tempo

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Remote optical identification

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Covert operations

Knowledgable support 

Enable automation & reduce human risk


Our optical payloads enable navies to complete automated remote subsea intelligence gathering operations to reduce risk and false positives.


Mine Countermeasures (MCM)

Enable uncrewed underwater vehicles to perform covert identification of MLOs without the need for divers, using 4K digital stills cameras and quantifiable 3D laser models.


Vessel Inspection

Scan the hull of vessels for more accurate safety inspections.


Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Generate 3D volumetric digital twins of vulnerable assets and critical infrastructure to provide complete situational awareness and enable advanced change detection

Case Study

Case Study

Remote Mine identification for AUVs

With Kongsberg Maritime, Royal Norwegian Navy, HII, and DSTG Australia

Recommended Defence Products 

Perception ROV Skid

Recon AUV Payloads

Insight Laser Scanners

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Industry Expert

Industry Expert

Luke Richardson

What does the data flow look like?
  • For AUV payloads, laser data and images are processed and enhanced onboard the vehicle to ensure the data is ready as soon as the vehicle is recovered. Data can then be efficiently downloaded using the target extraction software to only extract data from target locations of interest
  • For ROV payloads data is collected and processed in real-time for viewing on the topside control laptop
Can your optical sensors be used on existing vehicle platforms?

To simplify adoption, our optical sensors have been packaged into off-the-shelf vehicle payloads for common vehicles. These include our RECON AUV payloads for Huntington Ingalls Industries’ REMUS and L3Harris IVER vehicles, as well as our ROV skids for Saab Falcon and VideoRay Defender small ROVs.

Has your product been proven for Mine countermeasure operations?

Our RECON optical identification payloads have been field-proven to reduce diver deployments by utilizing existing AUV assets to complete mine identification. This reduces risk and improves mission efficiency.

Does water turbidity affect underwater laser scanner results?
  • Yes, Voyis products are optically based and range will be limited by the visibility range in the water column. Talk to our experts about whether your conditions are suitable for optical inspection.
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We provide versatile optical solutions to expand your underwater capability and enhance understanding of remote, challenging environments.

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