Observer & Nova Imaging Systems

Capture high-resolution stills images using our underwater imaging systems that integrate seamlessly into subsea vehicles.


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Extreme image clarity, even at high speeds

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Capture 16-bit high dynamic range images

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Real-time onboard image enhancement & correction

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Machine-learning delivers true-colour images


How do they work?

Our underwater imaging systems combine our Observer cameras and Nova LED panels together to deliver crisp, evenly-illuminated stills images. They work seamlessly with our laser scanners, providing gapless laser data with interlaced stills.


Ultra high output LED strobes for short crisp exposures


High sensitivity sensors for long range imaging


High dynamic range data for lossless image enhancement


Onboard image processing for the best real-time data


The Lineup

 Our underwater imaging systems provide a complete visual understanding of subsea environments. Our systems can come pre-integrated in our AUV Payloads or ROV Skids to simplify integration.

Voyis Observer and Nova Micro

Observer & Nova Micro

Our mid-range (7m) monochrome or colour imaging system with a depth rating of 1000m. 5MP or 12MP options available.


Observer & Nova Pro

Our longest-range (>10m) 5.5MP monochrome or colour imaging system with actively cooled sensors and a depth rating of 4000m or 6000m.

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Recon AUV Payload

Looking to simplify integration? Our complete, ready-to-deploy AUV imaging modules are specifically designed for small-medium AUVs.

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Image Processing

When taking photos at long ranges, water absorbs the visible light spectrum unevenly – causing colour images to appear blue/green. Our machine-learning-based colour correction algorithms help you see consistent, true-colour photos that enable effective subject analysis and wide-area mapping.

Images are debayered, light-levelled, and finally colour corrected in real-time so that they are instantly available for quality control.



Image Mosaicing

High image-to-image uniformity, produced by our near-perfect light levelling and colour enhancement algorithms, coupled with navigational data, enables you to seamlessly stich together wide-area mosaics from a sequence of images.

Broad regions can be viewed all at once to get a better macro understanding or zoomed in on to see tiny details.

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Designed for computer vision.

Computer vision requires extremely crisp and consistent images where features can be reliably detected, matched, and analyzed. Our high sensitivity sensors are paired with LED strobes of over 500,000 lumens to deliver the sharpest images on moving vehicles with ultra-short camera exposures. Consistent image enhancement and long-range operation ensure critical features are never missed.


Our image files contain all required metadata to support photogrammetry and machine learning software, including capture settings, time stamps, and navigational data.

Case Studies

Case Study

Empire Heritage & Hempton Marine Habitat Inspections

For Ulster University

Case Study

Remote Mine Identification for AUVs

With Kongsberg Maritime, Royal Norwegian Navy, HII, and DSTG Australia

Still have a few questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more about using underwater imaging systems on your next project.


What is the max range for the imaging systems?

Our imaging systems are highly modular and can be combined into a solution that meets your specific survey requirements and needs. 


What is imaging with High Dynamic Range?

High Dynamic Range imaging techniques capture both light and dark areas of targets, enabling lossless image enhancement to deliver balanced lighting across the image and high consistency across surveys. 


Do the images require post-processing?

Our imaging solutions come with real-time image enhancement software to correct for image distortions and level lighting across the field of view. 


What is machine learning colour correction?

A dataset input into our machine-learning algorithm is automatically analysed to generate a training model for the specific camera system configuration and operating environment. This model is then utilized to correct colour and light levels on future surveys.

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