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Giving those in ocean science and research the ability to gather detailed and quantifiable results of their subject underwater.


Industry Expert

Industry Expert

Brenden St. John

From environmental monitoring to shipwreck scanning, our powerful underwater lasers and cameras help you to easily perform surveys and gather accurate records of your subject in its current state and location.

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Why Voyis For Research & Ocean Science?

Suitable for a variety of deployments

Analyze your data in real-time

Non-intrusive to your subject

Accurate, quantifiable results

Knowledgable support 

Correction for true colour analysis


Underwater laser scanning and colour stills imaging are ieal for many subsea scientific endeavors. The high resolution provided by the technology allows for detailed 3D models of subsea environments to be rendered. 


Marine Archaeology

3D modeling allows historic and heritage sites, like shipwrecks, to be virtually experienced.


Environmental Monitoring

Study different habitats and environments over time with accurate measurements


Flume Tank/Lab-Based

Utilize laser scanning for a contactless way to gather data while testing


Large Area Mapping

Perfect for wide area colour imaging surveys where true-colour images are critical for the analysis of your subject.

Case Studies

Case Study

Scour Analysis & Sediment Transport

For Genex

Case Study

Empire Heritage & Hempton Marine Habitat Inspections

For Ulster University

Dynamic Underwater Laser Scanning is quickly becoming the new standard for underwater archaeology and marine research.

Joe Hoyt

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

[Voyis’ Insight Nano] sets a new benchmark for data density and quality. It is clear that laser data combined with digital still images will be the new standard for high-resolution seabed mapping going forward.

Kevin Tomanka

Offshore Analysis & Research Solutions

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Industry Expert

Industry Expert

Brenden St. John


Do I need a vehicle to use an underwater laser scanner?

No vehicle is required – you can use the laser scanner statically using the supplied rotary actuator, or dynamically while mounted to a vehicle.


Can Voyis products be used for machine learning?

Volumetric 3D models and high-resolution stills images are cleaned, enhanced, and processed all onboard the sensors in real-time which can be fed to machine learning algorithms. 


Does water turbidity affect the results?

Yes – the scanning range will be limited by the visibility range in the water column. Talk to our experts about whether your conditions are suitable for optical inspection. 


Can I use an underwater laser scanner in a flume tank?

Underwater laser scanners are ideal for scanning in flume tank experiments. Our Insight Nanos are perfect for this application because of their compact size.


Do your stills cameras provide image mosaicking?

Our images are automatically enhanced and corrected to enable accurate and consistent image mosaics. Image mosaicing can be provided using EIVA software, our sister company.


Do I need other sensors?

When scanning statically, there is no need for additional sensors. For dynamic operations, you will require an inertial navigation system (INS), a doppler velocity log (DVL), a depth sensor, and a conductivity temperature depth sensor (CTD). 

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We provide versatile optical solutions to expand your underwater capability and enhance understanding of remote, challenging environments.

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