Underwater laser SCANNERS & IMAGING payloads

Illuminate The Unknown

Confident decisions, deeper understanding. Expand your underwater capabilities with our laser and camera systems.


Enable autonomy in your offshore inspections to save your team time and money.


Explore, discover, and see the underwater world more clearly without disturbing it.


Expand your underwater capabilities and reduce risk with optical identification.


Make more informed decisions about your assets and monitor their condition over time.

Expand your underwater capability

We offer versatile optical and imaging solutions to enhance your understanding of remote, challenging environments – Whether you need a standalone sensor or a more complete solution.

Perception ROV Skids

Configurable skids that suit your sensor & survey needs. Solutions for work class & inspection class ROVs.

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Underwater Laser Scanners

High-resolution subsea laser scanners for dynamic or static inspections. Short and long-range options available.

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Recon AUV Payloads

A complete, power-efficient payload to expand your platform’s capabilities.

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Imaging Systems

High-powered systems that offer real-time data enhancement to enable automation.

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Case Studies

Case Study

Empire Heritage & Hempton Marine Habitat Inspections

For Ulster University

Case Study

Scour Analysis and Sediment Transport

For Genex

Expand the capabilities of your underwater vehicle

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We provide versatile optical solutions to expand your underwater capability and enhance understanding of remote, challenging environments.

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