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A pre-integrated payload that simplifies integration and allows you to capture incredible optical data at high speeds 


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Drastically simplifies integration into your AUV

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Our team partners with you to find the best solution

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Real-time onboard laser and image data enables automation

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Fully integrated power, processing & storage


What is it?

Our Recon payloads for small and medium AUVs help simplify the integration of our laser scanners and imaging systems.

These payloads are designed for industry leading AUV platforms, and can be adapted to your platform.


Pre-configured into neutrally buoyant modules for specific AUVs


Combines our Imaging Systems and Laser Scanners into complete solutions


Mission ready, swappable payload sections to enhance your AUV's capability without major vehicle modifications


Enables reliable autonomy with onboard data enhancement


The Lineup

 With proven integration on small and medium AUVs, it’s simple to add or retrofit the module payload onto your autonomous underwater vehicle. Both Imaging and Laser + Imaging payloads are available.

Voyis Recon AUV Payload


Our high-resolution AUV camera payload designed for wide-area optical mapping and target identification.


Voyis Recon LS AUV Payload

Recon LS

The Recon LS combines our imaging system with our dynamic 3D laser scanner. Uses existing vehicle navigation to produce wide-area 3D models.

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Voyis AUV payload


Integrating sensors into AUVs is much more complex than just strapping on the equipment – things like hydrodynamics, ballasting, and size requirements can complicate things. Our Recon AUV payloads are designed to improve capabilities without compromising the platform’s size, weight, and power (SWaP) limitations.  

We have proven integrations with platforms such such as REMUS 100/300/600, IVER 4, and OEM packages for custom integrations


Open Platform

Our Recon AUV Payloads are configurable to include third-party sensors that complement our optical sensors to create application-specific solutions.

Some of Our Existing integrations:


Wavefront Solstice Sidescan


EIVA Onboard NaviSuite & Deep Learning


Oceanfloor Geophysics iCP sensors

Remote Mine Identification Payload on an AUV

Complete Situational Awareness

One of the core challenges of gathering subsea data is the trade-off that is typically made between coverage and resolution in subsea instruments. 

Recon payloads can combine both wide-area sidescan sonar, and high-resolution optical sensors (lasers and cameras). This is the ideal combination for detecting and reacquiring targets all from one payload.

The acoustic sonar data can be used to first detect objects of interest, and optical sensors can then be used to clearly identify the target.

Case Study

Case Study

Remote Mine Identification for AUVs

With Kongsberg Maritime, Royal Norwegian Navy, HII, and DSTG Australia

Still have a few questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more about Recon AUV Payloads.


Is the optical data integrated with other vehicle sensors?

Recon payloads are pre-integrated with the standard navigational sensors used on commercial AUVs, employing PPS time synchronization to ensure reliable alignment.

The navigational stream is accepted in real-time to tag images with all available meta-data and generate geo-referenced 3D laser models. 


How is the payload controlled?

When a standard payload is purchased through a vehicle manufacturer, the system is controlled through the vehicle’s mission planning software.

For custom integrations, the system comes with a software application protocol interface (API) and developer guide to simplify the software integration and control. Electrical interfacing requirements are also provided.


What is the data workflow?

Image and laser data is captured and processed in real-time onboard the module, then saved to either the local 2TB hard drive or to the shared vehicle storage.

For larger datasets, our ViewLS target extraction software can be used to efficiently download only the segments of interest-based on GPS location or mission time, to drastically speed up the time to results.


What format is the data stored in?

The data collected with our underwater laser scanners is saved in a standard format for use with any point-cloud analysis software, including the popular opensource CloudCompare. 

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