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The first smart ROV cameras with both low latency video and direct 3D modelling from stills images


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Accurate 3D Modelling combined with general video inspection

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Ultra-wide 130°x130° field of view for complete situational awareness 

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Real-time actionable data with onboard image enhancement and live 3D data

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Smart ROV piloting with low-latency 4K videostream and simultaneous stills images


How do they work?

Our Discovery Cameras, with tightly integrated Nova Mini Lights, capture low latency 4K video for vehicle piloting while simultaneously recording crisp, high-resolution stills images & IMU data that can be processed with edge computing into 3D models. For smart ROV piloting and general inspection applications.


Crisp stills images ready for machine vision and 3D modelling


4K low latency video stream with high resolution optics and real-time image enhancement


3D software integration - EIVA VSLAM & Reality Capture - Eliminate expensive 3rd party processing


Ultra-wide field of view (130°x130°) for complete situational awareness


Real-time image lighting and distortion correction

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The Lineup

A compact camera for video and photogrammetry, or a stereo camera for real-time 3D point clouds from edge computing 

Perception Inspection Class Skid


Our video camera with 300m depth rating, providing an ultra-wide field of view for complete situational awareness, with operating range of up to 5.0m with 2 Nova Mini Lights.


Perception WROV Skid

Discovery Stereo

Our deep rated stereo camera with 4000m depth rating and a wide field of view for complete situational awareness, with operating range of up to 5.0m with 4 Nova Mini Lights.

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4K Low Latency Piloting Video

The Discovery Vision System leverages edge-computing to deliver the best possible low latency video stream for ROV piloting. High dynamic range (HDR) stills images are captured with short exposures and efficiency, enhanced in real-time to ballance illumination. These crisp images are simultaneously encoded into a 4K video stream, that achieves a glass-to-glass latency of under 250ms.

The integrated ultra-high power Nova Mini lights ensure blurless images are captured, and all features are fully illuminated for feature tracking & 3D modelling. Enhancement of raw HDR images ensure both bright and dark areas are visible, and a massive 130°x130° field of view gives the pilot complete situational awareness


Designed for 3D Inspection

The compact Discovery camera simultaneously captures video plus crisp stills images with integrated navigation data to enable effective wide area photogrammetry. Corrected images are simply dropped into the software to generate stunning 3D models.

The Discovery Stereo offers 3D pointclouds in real-time using stereo images to generate depth maps with onboard processing. These real-time onboard models can be utilized by the vehicle for autonomy applications like manipulator control, stationkeeping, and navigation.


Innovative Integration

The Discovery leverages a cutting-edge robotics architecture to simplify and enhance integrations into subsea vehicles. The cameras directly support DDS (data distribution standard) ensuring all output data types are published over the vehicle network for streaming to multiple endpoints. The API directly supports ROS2 vehicle operating systems, drastically simplifying adoption.

Cameras come with the compact integrated Nova Mini lights, which are designed to minimize power draw, synchronize to the camera, and evenly illuminate the camera’s field of view with over 60,000 lumens per light.

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We provide versatile optical solutions to expand your underwater capability and enhance understanding of remote, challenging environments.

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