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Intuitive software that delivers fine control of optical systems and efficient data processing workflows.


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Real-time control, monitoring and data feedback

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Visualization of laser and image data as it is collected

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Automated processing for navigation and target extraction

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Advanced image enhancement with machine learning



The ViewLS software is the intuitive all-in-one software interface for directly controlling Voyis products. It provides the ability to control settings, monitor system status and diagnostics, as well as view data acquisition in real-time. For autonomous applications, the application protocol interface (API) is used in its place.


Direct system connection to view status information


Control system settings with feedback


View real-time laser and stills data


View and clear system storage


ViewLS Data Module

The ViewLS Data Module provides a complete set of data processing functions that enables effective analysis without the need for complex survey software. A simplified workflow walks you through navigational data input, enhancement and filtering options, and target extraction based on time or locations of interest.


Efficiently apply industry standard navigational data for geo-referenced deliverables


Automatically clean laser data to remove the effects of turbidity and noise


Enhance stills images to correct for water distortion and uneven illumination


Machine learning colour correction to deliver true colour underwater images


Target extraction from large datasets based on time or locations of interest


Automated True-Colour Correction

When taking photos underwater, water absorbs the visible light spectrum unevenly causing colour images to appear mostly blue or green, when in reality the ocean is filled with colour. Automated colour correction is challenging as it depends greatly on environmental conditions, range, and lighting.

ViewLS uses machine-learning colour algorithms to train a Correction Model based on a sample of image data, enabling automated colour reproduction and light levelling without manually adjusting images. The result is efficient processing of large image datasets that is both accurate and consistent, enabling wide-area mosaics and photogrammetry, and letting you See the Depths like you See the Surface.

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We provide versatile optical solutions to expand your underwater capability and enhance understanding of remote, challenging environments.

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