Discovery Camera Integration with BlueROV

Written by Patricia Sestari

July 5, 2024


In an exciting collaboration with our sister companies, we have successfully integrated the Voyis Discovery Camera with the BlueROV2, a robust and versatile underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV). This combined solution has proven not only easy to operate but also highly effective, particularly in the realm of seagrass monitoring and restoration.

Unmatched Performance and Flexibility

The BlueROV2 is renowned as the world’s most affordable high-performance underwater ROV. Available in six- and eight-thruster configurations, it offers an unprecedented level of performance, flexibility, and expandability. With open-source software and a variety of available accessories, the BlueROV2 caters to a wide range of underwater exploration and research needs. With several thousand units in the field, it stands as one of the most popular underwater drones on the market.

The assembly process of the BlueROV2, which requires 6-8 hours to complete, is an educational experience. Users gain a comprehensive understanding of how each component fits together and functions, equipping them with the knowledge to make future upgrades and improvements.

Precision Imaging for Marine Conservation

The Voyis Discovery Camera, when paired with the BlueROV2, has been instrumental in seagrass restoration efforts. The camera captures high-resolution images that are used to create detailed 3D models via photogrammetry. This innovative approach provides marine conservationists with a reliable and effective method to monitor and assess seagrass beds.

High-resolution imaging is crucial in understanding the health and extent of seagrass meadows, which play a vital role in marine ecosystems. These underwater plants help stabilize sediment, provide habitat for marine life, and sequester carbon. The detailed 3D models generated from the Discovery Camera’s images offer a precise and comprehensive view of these important habitats, aiding in their protection and restoration.

Seamless Integration and Operation

The integration of the Voyis Discovery Camera with the BlueROV2 was designed to be user-friendly. Both the camera and the ROV come with user-centric features that make them easy to operate. The robust design of the BlueROV2, combined with the advanced imaging capabilities of the Discovery Camera, ensures that users can conduct effective seagrass monitoring missions with minimal hassle.


The collaboration between our sister companies in integrating the Voyis Discovery Camera with the BlueROV2 marks a significant advancement in underwater exploration and marine conservation. This integrated solution not only simplifies the operation but also delivers high-quality results essential for seagrass monitoring and restoration. As we continue to innovate and enhance our technologies, we look forward to contributing even more to marine conservation efforts worldwide.

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