The Crucial Role of Image Quality in Underwater Photogrammetry

Written by Patricia Sestari

January 26, 2024


In underwater exploration, photogrammetry is an invaluable tool for creating detailed 3D models of underwater environments. The Voyis Discovery Stereo Camera stands out as a pioneering device, offering real-time image correction that enhances the quality of underwater photogrammetry.  

In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of image quality in underwater photogrammetry, focusing on the importance of high-resolution images, color correction, and precise focus adjustment. 


High-Resolution Images 

One of the fundamental aspects of successful underwater photogrammetry is the acquisition of high-resolution images. With that in mind, the Voyis Discovery Stereo Camera takes this requirement to the next level by delivering images corrected in real-time.  

High-resolution images provide the necessary level of detail to reconstruct accurate 3D models, capturing the intricacies of underwater structures, marine life, and geological formations. This capability is essential for researchers, marine biologists, and archaeologists who rely on precise data for their underwater studies. 


Color Correction 

Underwater environments pose unique challenges for capturing true-to-life colors due to the absorption and scattering of light in water. The Voyis Discovery Stereo Camera addresses this challenge by incorporating real-time color correction capabilities.  

Accurate color representation is crucial for underwater photogrammetry as it ensures that the reconstructed 3D models reflect the natural hues of the underwater world. This is particularly vital for ecological studies where color variances in marine life and coral formations play a significant role in understanding biodiversity and environmental health. 

Beyond enhancing color accuracy, the real-time color correction feature of the Voyis Discovery Stereo Camera significantly contributes to more efficient stitching of images for photogrammetric models. In underwater photogrammetry, stitching together a sequence of images to form a cohesive 3D model is a complex process. The camera’s ability to correct colors in real-time ensures uniformity across frames, facilitating smoother transitions between images during the stitching process. This not only improves the overall quality of the photogrammetric model but also streamlines the workflow for researchers, saving valuable time and resources. 


Focus Correction 

In the intricate realm of underwater photogrammetry, achieving optimal focus is a pivotal aspect, and the Voyis Discovery Stereo Camera excels in this domain through a novel approach. Many underwater camera systems rely on Auto Focus to dynamically adjust image focus as the scene varies during a survey. However, this approach introduces challenges related to focus consistency and camera calibration, proving detrimental to photogrammetric accuracy. 

In typical scenarios, Auto Focus algorithms may lock onto different features in sequential image captures, leading to noticeable adjustments in overall camera focus. This inconsistency poses a significant obstacle for Structure-from-Motion (SFM) algorithms, impairing their ability to accurately match features between frames. Additionally, when a lens’s focus distance changes, it alters the camera model parameters, disrupting the camera’s calibrated state and resulting in an inaccurate undistortion model. This, in turn, diminishes the precision of the photogrammetric 3D models produced. 

Recognizing these challenges, Voyis has innovatively adopted Fixed Focus lenses as a solution to ensure robust image capture. Unlike Auto Focus, Fixed Focus lenses maintain a constant camera calibration, offering a more stable foundation for photogrammetric endeavors. During calibration, Voyis finely tunes the fixed focus distance, achieving both a consistent focus across the field of view and an effective focus depth of field across typical imaging scenarios. This meticulous calibration process not only addresses the focus consistency challenge but also enhances the camera’s resistance to mechanical vibrations, ensuring reliable performance in dynamic underwater environments. The use of Fixed Focus lenses by Voyis represents a strategic choice to overcome the limitations associated with Auto Focus, providing researchers and professionals with a tool that optimally balances precision and stability in underwater photogrammetry. 

 In the world of underwater exploration, the Voyis Discovery Stereo Camera emerges as a game-changer for photogrammetry enthusiasts. Its real-time image correction capabilities, encompassing high-resolution imaging, color correction, and focus adjustment, make it an indispensable tool for researchers and professionals. As we plunge into the depths of discovery, the importance of image quality becomes undeniable, shaping the future of underwater photogrammetry and our understanding of the mysteries that lie beneath the waves. 




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