OREC Demonstration for Offshore Wind

Written by Patricia Sestari

December 1, 2023


Voyis is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of our recent collaborative demonstration at the esteemed Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult. This pivotal project showcased the seamless integration of Voyis’ cutting-edge optical sensor technology, exemplified by the Voyis Discovery Stereo camera, with the advanced capabilities of our sister companies, Sonardyne and EIVA.

The convergence of our optical sensors, Sonardyne’s navigation expertise, and EIVA’s robotics perception and vehicle control software signifies a watershed moment in the field of offshore wind surveying. The outcome of this collaboration underscores our commitment to innovation and our vision for the future of offshore inspections.

Central to the success of this project is the Voyis Discovery Stereo camera, a sophisticated optical sensor engineered for precision and reliability. Its advanced imaging capabilities played a pivotal role in capturing high-fidelity visual data, contributing significantly to the success of this collaborative venture. The camera was capable of generating 3D models in real-time, in addition to high resolution images and video.

In conjunction with Atlantas Marine, we achieved noteworthy outcomes that hold profound implications for the offshore wind industry. The harmonious collaboration among Voyis, Sonardyne, and EIVA has not only redefined the standards of offshore wind surveying but has also introduced new avenues for industry advancement.

This project marks a big change in how we do things, moving towards more supervised independence. Our technologies now work together smoothly to make visual inspections in the challenging offshore environment more efficient and accurate. As we celebrate this success, we want to emphasize our strong dedication to continuous innovation and improving the way we do offshore inspections.

Anticipate further updates as we navigate the evolving landscape of offshore surveying. The success of this collaboration serves as a prelude to the ongoing strides we aspire to make. Together, Voyis, Sonardyne, and EIVA are pioneering advancements that redefine the standards of excellence in offshore wind surveying for a sustainable future.

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