Our Year in Review – 2023

Written by Patricia Sestari

December 18, 2023


2023 has been an incredible year for our team! And while we can’t wait to see what adventures 2024 has in store, we are excited to review some of the best moments from this year.


Voyis Selected as Camera for HII Remus

In February, we announce that with the goal of further improving the autonomous capabilities of its vehicles, HII has selected Voyis Imaging Systems as the standard underwater camera option for all REMUS UUVs. The Recon camera module offers extremely crisp stills imagery with on-the-sensor data processing for real-time, highly optimized datasets that improve in mission autonomy and analysis capabilities.





Voyis is Now in Brazil with First Sale to DOF Brazil!

As the largest economy in Latin America, and with the longest coastline in the continent, Brazil is currently the land of opportunity for the offshore market. In March we announce a great milestone and confirmed our first sale in Brazil, to DOF Brazil. DOF is a group of international companies operating within the offshore oil and gas service industry, they are leader in the subsea inspection of underwater assets.




Voyis Announces nee Discovery Vision System!

Voyis is proud to launch its new product line, Discovery Vision Systems, to address the trade-off that is currently made between Piloting Cameras and 3D Inspection Cameras. Piloting cameras prioritize low latency video at the expense of the image data required for 3D model generation. Conversely, 3D cameras prioritize image data at the expense of piloting effectiveness, limited by a higher latency and smaller field of view. The Discovery is a vision platform without compromise, delivering 4K piloting video together with 3D data.



Titanic 3D Reconstruction

Being apart of the Titanic 3D reconstruction, alongside our sister companies Sonardyne International Ltd and EIVA a/s, has been an honour! We look forward to sharing more details about how our systems enabled the generation of the extremely detailed 3D models in 2024.





Voyis Supports EIVA’s Delivery to UK MoD

Our sister company, EIVA, a Danish subsea engineering specialist, has been awarded a prestigious contract by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), valued at approximately €3.8 million (£3.2 million). This contract marks a pivotal moment as it brings forth an innovative containerized remotely operated towed vehicle (ROTV) solution to the Royal Navy, powered by EIVA, alongside Voyis’s expertise.
Discovery Camera and REVOLUTION ROV: Canadian Integration Triumph
Two Canadian underwater technology powerhouses, Voyis and Deep Trekker, have joined forces to achieve an exceptional integration: the successful fusion of Voyis’ cutting-edge Discovery camera with Deep Trekker’s REVOLUTION ROV (Remote Operating Vehicle). This landmark collaboration showcases the prowess of Canadian innovation and ingenuity, propelling the field of underwater surveys and inspections into an unprecedented era of advancement.  




Discovering the Depths: SEAMOR and Voyis Collaborative Technology!

SEAMOR, renowned for its innovation in remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), and Voyis, a leading provider of cutting-edge underwater optical sensors, are excited to announce their exciting new collaboration. This partnership brings together the powerful capabilities of the SEAMOR Mako ROV and the precision of the Voyis Discovery Stereo Camera, to transform underwater inspection and exploration across various industries. 




OREC Demonstration for Offshore Wind!

Voyis is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of our recent collaborative demonstration at the esteemed Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult. This pivotal project showcased the seamless integration of Voyis’ cutting-edge optical sensor technology, exemplified by the Voyis Discovery Stereo camera, with the advanced capabilities of our sister companies, Sonardyne and EIVA.




L3Harris, Voyis and Wavefront Collaborate to Enhance NATO Navy’s AUV Capabilities!

The Voyis team, in collaboration with Wavefront Systems, is proud to announce a successful factory acceptance test of the Recon LS/3000MAS AUV payload with L3Harris, to be delivered to a NATO Navy, further improving the IVER4 900 capabilities. It consists of a single, integrated forward payload section housing Voyis’ compact dynamic laser scanner, which captures high-resolution 3D point-cloud data, the Voyis’ 4K imaging system with appropriate lighting which captures crisp, evenly illuminated still images with its edge-computed image enhancement feature, and finally, the Wavefront Systems’ Solstice multi-aperture side-scan sonar that delivers 200m-wide swath coverage and bathymetry at high resolution.  



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