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Underwater Laser Scanners

Powerful underwater laser scanners for capturing incredibly detailed 3D data.


Insight Nano

Compact size for 3D modelling in small spaces & short to mid-range targets. Simple static scanning with embedded actuator

Insight Micro

Dynamic laser scanning in a complete compact package. Simple integration into small vehicles with stills imaging.

Insight Pro

Our longest range scanner with the highest quality data. Perfect for wide-area mapping on large subsea vehicles.

Why Voyis Underwater Laser Scanners?

Proven reliable integration options

We work with you for vehicle integration

Real-time onboard data enables automation

High resolution & accurate results


Insight Nano

The Insight Nano is a compact laser scanner designed for straightforward 3D modelling in tight spaces with short to mid-range targets.

The integrated actuator and simple user interface enable non-intrusive qualitative inspection without any external aiding sensors.

Data is processed onboard the unit with 3D pointcloud data streamed to the topside control computer in real-time for visualization and assessment. 

Key Features


Extreme Data Density

The actuator’s high angular resolution enables millimeter resolution both along and across laser profiles


Operation in Air and Water

Factory calibration enables use in both water and air, accounting for the medium’s specific index of refraction


Continuous 360° Degree Scans

The built-in actuator has no external cables
which enables continuous 360° scanning


Pipe Crawlers

Pipe crawler integration helps you accurately model the interior of pipes and tunnels.

Robotic Manipulators

Integration with robotic arms allows you to effectively evaluate scour and sediment transportation.

Centralizers & Custom Frames

Civil infrastructure assets and wells can be inspected by using a centralizer or custom frame for deployment.


Insight Micro

The Insight Micro enables small vehicle platforms to perform high-accuracy inspection tasks with tightly integrated laser and stills data. The package provides long-range data collection (8m) in a compact and low-power draw package designed specifically for small vehicles.

The stills imaging system is seamlessly integrated to provide gapless laser data and a complete optical assessment of the target with both qualitative and quantitative datasets.

Key Features


3D Modelling on Small Vehicles

The Insight Micro is the first compact dynamic laser scanner designed for small platforms


Compact and Low Power Draw

Small and power-efficient electronics enable long-duration laser scanning missions using less than 40 watts


Reduced Integration Complexity

Onboard storage, API, and cable-free design
allows for simple integration into vehicles


AUV Modules

The Insight Micro is easily integrated into neutrally buoyant AUV payloads to enhance their capabilities

ROV Skids

Complete skid solutions for small inspection class ROV platforms can be outfitted with the Insight Micro

Custom Integrations

Modular design enables innovative integrations into custom AUV modules and skids


Insight Pro

The Insight Pro is a long-range laser scanner designed for wide-area 3D modelling from dynamic vehicle platforms. The system has been integrated with countless AUVs and ROVs since 2013.

Dynamic data is collected from the high-sensitivity sensors to achieve up to 15m range. The system can come pre-calibrated with a documented accuracy specification, or calibrated on the vehicle to support complex integrations.

Key Features


Actively Cooled Sensors

In order to reduce noise and maximize range, the sensor is actively cooled to maintain a 5°C temperature


High Dynamic Range Data

16-bit dynamic range laser data helps to capture high and low brightness targets


Wide Area Coverage

Maximize coverage with dynamic surveys using the 49-degree laser line coverage and accurate PPS time sync to vehicle navigation data


AUV Integrations

Proven integration with large AUVs for fully autonomous surveys at up to 6000m

ROV Deployment

We offer standard ROV skids for work-class ROVs or bespoke integrations for new vehicles

Custom Pipeline Solution

Enable laser scanning with pipeline following and automated defect detection from EIVA

Software: ViewLS

Our ViewLS software is an all-in-one interface for directly controlling Voyis products. It gives you the ability to view the system’s status and diagnostics and to view data acquisition in real-time.

✔️ Direct connection to view status/control settings

✔️ View real-time laser and stills data

✔️ Optional data Module has complete processing tools

Add-on: Rotary Actuator

The Rotary Actuator enables stationary scanning without any aiding sensors required. The result is the same high-resolution data that dynamic scanning produces.
Talk to sales to learn more.

✔️ 360° continuous scans

✔️ Highest rotational resolution on the market (0.0036°)

✔️ Adjustable, removable, and corrosion-proof tripod 

Add-on: Imaging

Our Observer imaging systems provide high resolution, crisp stills images with real-time image correction onboard.

✔️ Clarity at high speed

✔️ Real-time image processing

✔️ True-colour images



 Insight NanoInsight MicroInsight Pro
Scan Range0.13m - 1m | 0.36m - 2.5m1.2m - 7m1.5m - 15m
Profile Rate9.9HzLaser Scanner: 89Hz with range limiting
Laser + Stills: 58Hz Laser + 2Hz Stills
90Hz with range limiting
Points Per Line48024642048
LaserShort Range: 40mW, Class 3R, 520nm (green)
Long Range: 75mW, Class 3R, 450nm (blue)
<75mW, 1mSec to CW, Class 3B, 450nm (blue)<75mW, 1mSec to CW, Class 3B, 450 nm(blue), temperature controlled
Export Data Formats.XYZ (CSV).XYZ (CSV), LAS publishing.XYZ (CSV), LAS publishing
Depth Rating350m1000m4000m or 6000m
Data AcquisitionReal-time processing | ScanSoft (included)Real-time processing | ViewLS, C++ API (included)Real-time processing | ViewLS, C++ API (included)

For the full comparison, download the Datasheet.

Class 3B Laser Product

448nm, <75mW, 1mSec to CW
EN/IEC 60825-1 2014

Ready to expand your underwater capabilities?

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Do I need a vehicle to use an underwater laser scanner?

You do not need a vehicle to deploy our underwater laser scanners. You can use the laser scanner statically using the supplied rotary actuator, or dynamically while mounted to a vehicle.

Are the Insight Laser Scanners a form of Underwater Lidar?

Yes – our Insight laser scanners are a form of 3D underwater lidar. LIDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging, and typically refers to the method of 3D laser scanning used in terrestrial applications. LiDAR uses laser pulses to measure distances based on time of flight. Individual data points are calculated for each laser pulse, and the laser is projected across the target with rotating mirrors.

Our laser scanners utilize a geometric laser line scanning method instead, where a laser line is projected onto the target and then detected by an optical receiver a specific distance away. Using our proprietary calibration method and complex trigonometry, 3D laser line “profiles” of over 2000 data points are captured at the defined acquisition rate. As the laser line moves across the target, sequential laser profiles are captured to build up a complete 3D model of the target. 

Laser line scanning has no moving parts and therefore is more reliable and robust against vibration and impact. This means it’s better suited for dynamic survey applications where the vehicle moves the laser line across the target. 

Do I need additional software to use a laser scanner?

Our laser scanners come with our ViewLS software which is all you need to collect and enhance your laser data. For dynamic applications, ViewLS can be used to combine laser data with navigation data, and our systems are supported by all industry-leading survey software like EIVA NaviSuite.  

Do I need to use other sensors with an underwater laser scanner?

When scanning statically, there is no need for additional sensors. For dynamic operations, you will require an inertial navigation system (INS), a doppler velocity log (DVL), a depth sensor, and a conductivity temperature depth sensor (CTD). These sensors are all a part of our ROV Skid solutions.

What format is laser data stored in?

The data collected with our underwater laser scanners is saved in a standard format for use with any point-cloud analysis software, including the popular opensource CloudCompare. 

Does water turbidity affect underwater laser scanning results?

Yes, Voyis products are optically based and range will be limited by the visibility range in the water column. Talk to our experts about whether your conditions are suitable for optical inspection. 

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