Voyis Subsea Vehicle Integration: Small AUVs

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March 1, 2023


Voyis’ integration of our cutting-edge imaging technology in AUVs has revolutionized the use of small and medium Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). With the ability to capture high-resolution images and generate 3D models, process data quickly and efficiently, and make informed decisions, AUVs are powerful tools that can make underwater operations safer, as well as saving time and money. 

There are many different types of underwater vehicles. In this week’s blog we will explore how Voyis technologies can be integrated with small and medium AUVs to improve subsea operations.  

Small & Medium AUVs: Compact Solutions for Subsea Inspections 

Small and medium underwater autonomous vehicles (AUVs) offer increased versatility and deployment flexibility for operators to inspect larger areas efficiently. The difference in size  and capability offer solutions for various applications and targeted audiences. Small AUVs are typically less than one meter in length and are ideal for operations that require agility, maneuverability, and access to tight spaces. They are often used for scientific research, environmental monitoring, and underwater inspections. In contrast, medium-sized AUVs can range from one to several meters in length and are more suited for tasks that require greater endurance, payload capacity, and depth capability. They are often used for underwater mapping, offshore oil and gas operations, and military applications. 

Voyis Imaging lasers and cameras can be integrated into both small and medium AUVs, enabling a range of underwater imaging applications. For small AUVs, the compact size and low power requirements of Voyis’ imaging sensors make them an ideal solution for capturing extremely high-resolution images of localized survey areas, essential for research groups or organizations on a tighter budget requiring substantial detail for their operations but don’t require long duration missions. The real-time image correction, high frame rates and low-latency performance of Voyis Imaging sensors also make them well-suited for real-time navigation and obstacle avoidance. 

For medium-sized AUVs, Voyis imaging sensors can be used for a range of underwater imaging applications, including 3D photogrammetry, wide-area image mapping and inspection. The high-resolution imaging capabilities of Voyis imaging sensors can be used to generate detailed maps of underwater terrain, identify and track marine life, and inspect underwater structures and equipment. Additionally, the ability to integrate multiple sensors, such as cameras and lasers, enables a more comprehensive understanding of the underwater environment and enhances the AUV’s overall capabilities. 

Proven Integrations  

Our team has worked with many underwater vehicles. Here are some of the Small and Medium AUVs that have proven integration with our underwater laser scanner and imaging systems.

Iqua Robotics – Sparus II
The Sparus II has been integrated with Voyis Recon LS AUV Payload – an all-in-one solution for AUV inspections, with underwater laser and stills camera. The AUV and payload were used to monitor the health of seagrass.
Teledyne – Gavia AUV
The Teledyne Gavia has been equipped with the Voyis Recon Camera and Lightbar to perform high-resolution imaging of coral health and environmental conditions. 
OceanScan – LAUV
The Voyis Recon LS System enabled the OceanScan LAUV to perform covert identification of MLOs (Mine Like Objects) with reduced demand on divers, using 4K digital stills cameras and quantifiable 3D laser models. 
HII REMUS – 100, 300 & 620
The REMUS 100 & REMUS 300 platforms have successfully integrated with the Voyis Recon Camera Module, to capture 4K crisp stills images at high speeds, and corrected in real time. 
Voyis Recon LS AUV Payload powered the REMUS 620 to capture high resolution stills images and laser point cloud data at high speeds and long range, for ocean sciences and military operations. 
L3 Harris – IVER4 580 & 900
The IVER4 has been integrated with Voyis Recon LS AUV Payload, consolidated module housing Voyis’ dynamic underwater laser scanner, to capture high-resolution 3D point cloud data, and Voyis’ 4K imaging system with lighting to capture crisp, evenly illuminated stills images with real-time light leveling and colour correction. 

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