Voyis, EIVA & Sonardyne: Field Trial using the VideoRay Defender

Written by Patricia Sestari

September 1, 2022


Last week, three sister companies of the Covelya Group got together to demonstrate a reliable and efficient solution for ROV (Remote Operating Vehicle) operations through seamless integration of their sensors and software. 

EIVA, Sonardyne and Voyis integrated their systems onboard a VideoRay Defender ROV and showed their outstanding capabilities during a week-long joint demonstration in Ontario. 

The Technology 

The three companies have been working closely together for the past year to create a complete solution for autonomous ROV operations. 

Voyis developed the Perception ROV Skid that integrates all technologies and streamlines the process with a plug-and-play solution for underwater vehicles. 

The following technologies are included within the skid:   

  • Voyis Insight Micro Laser Scanner & Stills Camera: outputs high-resolution data, corrected in real-time for eventing identification and 3D reconstruction of the assets inspected. 
  • Sonardyne SPRINT-Nav Mini Inertial Navigation and DVL (Doppler Velocity Logs)  

The Perception Skid allows for efficient installation and comes pre-integrated with all required interfaces and sensors to help you quickly mobilize ROVs for dynamic 3D laser scanning and colour image mapping. In addition, it allows for power distribution and communications to be made through a single connection for the entire skid, drastically improving offshore integration. 

Moreover, to enable the optical sensors and the navigation systems to communicate, EIVA demonstrated the capabilities of the NaviSuite Mobula. The software allows for autonomy in ROV operations, using the high-resolution data captured with Voyis optical sensors and reliable navigation data from Sonardyne’s SPRINT-Nav. 

The joint solution enables subsea autonomy and simplifies operations. An easy-to-adopt system, the Perception Skid combines all technologies for reliable subsea inspections. 

Working Together to Improve ROV Operations  

After working closely together for months, the EIVA, Sonardyne and Voyis teams left the Wiarton marina; and boarded the Voyis Vibe survey vessel to start the trials. The results were groundbreaking; a seamless integration allowed the sensors to communicate and produce the highest quality data. 

“We are a group of companies dedicated to pushing the limits of what’s possible underwater” 

Here is what we were able to accomplish together:   

  • An autonomous solution for ROVs that will enable customers to achieve safer and more reliable inspections – EIVA‘s autonomous vehicle controls combined with Voyis’ high-resolution data. 
  • A powerful system for smaller portable ROVs, improving the capacity of these versatile vehicles. 
  • Seamless integration of the Perception Skid with the VideoRay Defender, complete installation and setup in under 10 minutes. 

“We are each one piece of the Covelya Group, and we are here demonstrating how well this puzzle comes together” 

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