Voyis & OceanScan: Unleashing the Versatility of Small AUVs

Written by Patricia Sestari

October 3, 2023


In the vast world of underwater exploration, small Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) have often been overshadowed by their larger counterparts. However, thanks to the strategic partnership between Voyis and OceanScan-MST, these lightweight AUVs are taking center stage with a new level of versatility. This blog highlights the remarkable integration of Voyis’ optical sensors into OceanScan’s lightweight AUVs, shedding light on the groundbreaking potential of these compact underwater systems. 

OceanScan: Pioneers in Underwater Vehicle Innovation  

Founded in 2008, OceanScan-MST has been at the forefront of designing, building, and operating underwater vehicles and systems for over a decade. The company’s journey began with the development of a Lightweight Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (LAUV), which earned recognition through a Portuguese innovation prize. Encouraged by this success, the team embarked on a mission to further refine the LAUV and establish OceanScan as a leading provider of innovative oceanographic survey, environmental monitoring, and underwater inspection solutions. 

Innovation Through Collaboration 

OceanScan’s success is rooted in its strategic cooperation with Porto University. This partnership has allowed the company to leverage the university’s expertise and resources, resulting in a competitive and unique system that has garnered a growing community of users worldwide. By interconnecting their R&D and Production departments, OceanScan maximizes efficiency and synergy, enabling the development of innovative, cost-effective, and lightweight AUVs. 

Recognizing the untapped potential of small AUVs and the growing demand for advanced sensing capabilities, OceanScan sought a partnership with Voyis, a leading supplier of underwater laser scanners and stills cameras. Voyis’ optical sensors are known for their exceptional quality and performance, making them the perfect fit for integration into OceanScan’s AUVs. 

One of the most notable advancements resulting from the Voyis-OceanScan collaboration is the integration of laser scanning and stills imaging components into OceanScan’s lightweight AUVs. By incorporating these systems, small underwater vehicles can now capture high-resolution images corrected in real time and optimized for photogrammetry, as well as point-cloud data for complete 3D reconstruction of underwater assets, providing a unique visual perspective in underwater exploration. This integration opens a world of possibilities for a wide range of applications, including marine research, environmental monitoring, marine warfare, inspection of offshore energy assets and other underwater structures, and more. 

Unleashing the Versatility of Small AUVs 

The integration of Voyis optical sensors into OceanScan’s lightweight AUVs has revolutionized the capabilities of these compact underwater systems. Here are a few key advantages that highlight their versatility: 

  1. Enhanced Data Collection: The addition of high-quality still cameras enable precise imaging and data collection in underwater environments. Researchers, marine biologists, and environmentalists can now capture detailed high-resolution images for analysis and documentation. In addition to that, the images are corrected in real-time, allowing users to create complete photogrammetric models of the survey area.  
  1. Laser Point Cloud: By integrating Voyis’ underwater laser scanners to OceanScan’s AUVs, users can capture detailed point cloud data for complete 3D reconstructions of underwater assets in real-time.  
  1. Streamlined Operations: With their lightweight design, OceanScan’s AUVs can be easily deployed and operated, even in challenging underwater conditions. This agility allows for efficient data collection and inspection tasks, saving time and resources. 
  1. Flexibility and Customization: OceanScan’s collaborative approach with Voyis empowers customers to customize their AUVs based on specific requirements. By offering flexible solutions, they cater to a variety of applications and user needs. 
  1. Cost-Effective Solutions: OceanScan’s commitment to cost-effective manufacturing, coupled with Voyis’ reliable and efficient optical sensors, ensures that customers receive high-performance AUVs at competitive prices. 

The integration of Voyis optical sensors into OceanScan’s small AUVs has unlocked a new era of underwater exploration and data collection. These versatile systems, empowered by Voyis’ cameras and laser scanners, offer unprecedented imaging capabilities in a compact and cost-effective package. By shedding light on the remarkable capabilities of small AUVs, we hope to inspire a wider audience to embrace the potential of these innovative underwater technologies. 

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