AISUS & Voyis: Solutions for Offshore Energy Inspections

Written by Patricia Sestari

April 14, 2023


AISUS is a market-leading provider of offshore energy inspections with the expertise to deliver reliable results for the assessment of underwater assets across the globe.

To enhance their subsea capabilities, AISUS turned to Voyis and acquired a fleet of Insight Nano Laser Scanners. The Insight Nano allows AISUS to strengthen their data collection and result reliability, in both wet and dry environments.

A Remote Inspection Solution

AISUS specializes in inspecting caissons, j-tubes, risers, conductors, drilling risers, topside pipework and monopiles, supported by a team of experts who work directly with clients to design and engineer a solution that solves and improves on key industry challenges.

Combined with AISUS experience and expertise, the Voyis Insight Nano Underwater Laser Scanner captured submerged measurements with sub-millimeter precision, quantifying defects, including holes and weld root corrosion.

Voyis Insight Nano underwater laser scanner

In underwater assets, the Insight Nano Laser Scanner is a powerful tool for quantifying defects, including holes and weld root corrosion. With its sub-millimeter precision and advanced technology, the scanner can capture detailed 3D models of the asset’s surface, allowing for accurate measurements and analysis of any defects or irregularities. This data can identify potential problem areas and prioritize repairs or maintenance, helping to ensure the continued safe and efficient operation of offshore energy assets. By leveraging the capabilities of the Insight Nano, AISUS provide its clients with a higher level of insight into the condition of their assets, leading to improved decision-making and cost savings.

The Insight Nano Laser Scanner is designed to be compact and portable, making it an ideal solution for offshore inspections.

“The partnership between AISUS and Voyis has resulted in a cutting-edge solution for offshore energy inspections. The Insight Nano Laser Scanner offers significant data collection, reliable results , and AISUS is excited to continue using this technology to provide the best possible service to its clients.”

 Jan Stander, Managing Director, AISUS

 With the addition of the Insight Nano, AISUS can perform inspections with greater accuracy and speed, resulting in more efficient and cost-effective operations. The scanner also allows for real-time monitoring of inspection results, enabling AISUS to quickly identify potential issues for their clients.

Data collected with Voyis Insight Nano underwater laser scanner, by AISUS, during subsea inspection.

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