Voyis Subsea Vehicle Integration: Crawlers

Written by Patricia Sestari

March 31, 2023


Voyis’ integration of our cutting-edge imaging technology in conjunction with pipe crawlers has revolutionized the use of these vehicles in various industries. With the ability to capture high-quality images and 3D models, process data quickly and efficiently, and make informed decisions, crawlers have become powerful tools that can enhance operations, save time and money, and ultimately benefit the environment and human life.  

There are many different types of underwater vehicles. In this week’s blog we will explore the use of crawlers for confined space inspections, and how Voyis technologies can be integrated to these vehicles to improve inspections.  

Crawlers for Confined Space Inspections 

Pipe crawler vehicles are another type of underwater vehicle that is commonly used for industrial and commercial inspection tasks. These vehicles are designed to inspect and assess the condition of underwater pipelines, tanks, and municipal water infrastructure (sewers, water mains, etc.). Their goal is to complete detailed inspection and assessment of the interior and exterior surfaces of aging infrastructure. 

Voyis’ optical sensors systems can be integrated into pipe crawler vehicles, enhancing their inspection capabilities. Our underwater laser scanner and stills camera can capture high-resolution images of the interior and exterior surfaces of these structures. The laser scanner can create a detailed point cloud of the pipe’s geometry, allowing for the creation of accurate 3D models. The stills camera can capture high-resolution images of the pipe’s interior, providing detailed visual inspection data. 

The integration of Voyis’ imaging systems into pipe crawler vehicles can provide a more comprehensive assessment of underwater pipelines and tanks. The high-resolution images and data collected by these systems can be used to identify potential issues, such as corrosion or cracks, and plan for maintenance and repair. Additionally, the data can be used to monitor the condition of the pipeline over time, allowing for early detection of potential problems before they become major issues. 

The high-resolution images and 3D models collected by these Voyis underwater laser scanners and stills cameras can be used for maintenance, repair, and condition assessment of underwater infrastructure. 

 Proven Integrations  

Our team has worked with many underwater vehicles. Here are some of the Pipe Crawlers that have proven integration with our underwater laser scanner and imaging systems.  

Pipe Trekker Magnetic Crawler 
The Voyis team has partnered with Pipe Trekker (an operating unit of DeepTrekker) to successfully integrate the Magnetic Crawler with the Insight Nano Laser Scanner, for confined space inspections.  
Eddyfi VersaTrax 
Voyis and Eddyfi have worked together to successfully integrate the Eddyfi VersaTrax with Voyis Insight Nano laser scanner for efficient and safe inspections of tanks and pipelines. 

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