Empowering Small ROVs with Stereo 300m Rated

Written by Patricia Sestari

March 25, 2024


In the ever-evolving landscape of underwater exploration, advancements like the Voyis Discovery Stereo Camera 300m are marking significant milestones. This innovative technology represents more than just a vision system; it signifies a transformative leap forward in the capabilities of small ROVs. Join us as we delve into the profound impact of this innovation and how it is reshaping the underwater exploration landscape. 


Improved the Capabilities for Small ROVs 

The Voyis Discovery Stereo Camera 300m boasts an impressive depth rating without compromising on performance. Its neutrally buoyant design simplifies integration into small ROVs, ensuring stability and ease of operation. Unlike bulkier alternatives, the Discovery Stereo Camera maintains agility without sacrificing accuracy, empowering users to capture intricate details of the underwater world effortlessly. 

Key benefits of the Discovery Stereo Camera 300m include its wide field of view, high-resolution imaging capabilities, and onboard edge computing. This combination allows for real-time 3D modeling and true depth perception, facilitating precise navigation and data collection. Furthermore, its compatibility with Nova Mini lights ensures optimal illumination coverage, enhancing visibility and maximizing target coverage rates. 


Case Study with Deep Trekker 

A compelling demonstration of the Voyis Discovery Stereo Camera 300m’s capabilities lies in its successful integration with the Deep Trekker REVOLUTION ROV. The REVOLUTION ROV, renowned for its versatility and rugged design, is a perfect match for the advanced imaging capabilities of the Discovery Stereo Camera. 

Together, these technologies form a powerhouse duo for underwater inspections. The ROV’s maneuverability and stability, combined with the Discovery’s real-time 3D modeling and depth perception, enable operators to navigate complex underwater environments with ease and precision. 

In real-world applications, this integration has yielded remarkable results. Whether inspecting submerged infrastructure, conducting environmental assessments, or exploring marine habitats, the REVOLUTION ROV equipped with the Discovery Stereo Camera delivers high-quality data that surpasses industry standards. 

One notable advantage of this collaboration is the seamless integration of the Discovery Stereo Camera into the REVOLUTION ROV’s existing system. This ensures minimal downtime during setup and maximizes operational efficiency during missions. Operators can rely on the robustness and reliability of this integrated solution to tackle even the most challenging underwater tasks. 

This partnership between Deep Trekker’s REVOLUTION ROV and the Voyis Discovery Stereo Camera 300m exemplifies the pinnacle of underwater exploration technology. By combining innovative imaging capabilities with a versatile and durable ROV platform, this collaboration sets a new standard for underwater inspections and research. As industries continue to push the boundaries of underwater exploration, the REVOLUTION ROV and Discovery Stereo Camera stand ready to lead the way into uncharted waters. 

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