Voyis and EIVA Unveil Advanced VSLAM software for ROV Asset Inspections

Written by Patricia Sestari

March 7, 2024


EIVA, a maritime survey software and equipment leader, and Voyis, a pioneer in underwater optical inspection solutions, are proud to announce the launch of their collaborative product, Voyis VSLAM Powered by EIVA NaviSuite. This innovative software was developed in close partnership and marks a significant milestone in the advancement of 3D asset inspection methodologies, expanding the capabilities of surveyors by integrating visual inspection operations directly into the standard NaviSuite software workflow.

The VSLAM solution is a data acquisition and visualisation software for the Voyis Discovery Stereo camera that generates a real-time 3D reconstruction of the survey environment, providing the operator with effective data quality control on the survey process. As sister companies in the Covelya Group, they bring together advanced imaging hardware design with industry leading software.  This union enables 3D visual awareness for pilots, while providing critical feedback on the data collection process to validate coverage and image quality.

A Powerful Tool for Underwater Visual Inspections

The key features of the Voyis VSLAM Powered by EIVA NaviSuite:

  • Video – Stills – 3D: Simultaneously provides a low-latency video stream for GVI (General Visual Inspection) and piloting, high resolution stills images for inspection, and a real-time 3D model to evaluate survey coverage and data quality during acquisition.
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness: The VSLAM solutions provides ROV pilots with a visualization of the ROV position relative to the 3D environment, enabling contextual piloting, and ability to effectively maintain a consistent speed and standoff distance.
    Survey Quality Control: Visual 3D data is processed in real-time, directly validating that coverage and image quality is sufficient for accurate photogrammetry, prior to survey completion.
  • NaviSuite Integration: Uniting Discovery’s cutting-edge imaging capabilities with EIVA’s proven NaviSuite software to incorporate visual data into existing survey workflows and tools.

Chris Gilson, CEO of Voyis, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration: “By leveraging NaviSuite’s existing framework we were able to not only achieve real-time 3D modelling with the Discovery Stereo, but also integrate the data into existing survey workflows to gain benefits in data quality control, piloting situational awareness, and data integration with other sensors. We see this platform as the foundation from which we will enable more advanced functionalities.”

The VSLAM software seamlessly integrates with EIVA’s NaviPac, an industry-leading subsea survey platform. Within this unified software suite, users can access many displays, register event observations, take snapshots, and load background maps and 3D models.

Felipe Silva, Product Manager of EIVA said: “This solution shows great potential in advancing autonomy for subsea robotics. This initial release of the VSLAM solution is just the beginning – we will be launching more capabilities to accelerate the adoption of autonomous operations within the industry.”

EIVA and Voyis invite the maritime and subsea industry to explore the future of underwater inspection with the Voyis VSLAM powered by EIVA NaviSuite, the pinnacle of collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to advancing technology in the deep blue. For more information about the VSLAM solution and the partnership between these sister companies, please visit: https://voyis.com/vslam/

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