Meet Our Sister Company: Forcys

Written by Patricia Sestari

January 6, 2023


Voyis is proud to be a part of the Covelya group, alongside other admirable companies. Covelya Group companies operate in various sectors within the energy, science, defence, and commercial markets. They develop, manufacture, sell and support instruments, systems, and solutions worldwide.

Today we are happy to introduce you to Forcys, and discuss how we work together for more efficient defence operations.

Who is Forcys?

Forcys, a global maritime defence company, is the latest addition to Covelya Group. Launched in 2022 to help defend and project battlespace advantage above and below the surface, Forcys deliver, integrate and support customer-shaped solutions for navies and defence organisations.

Forcys counts on over 50 years of underwater domain expertise harnessed by combining solutions from its technology partners: Chelsea Technologies, EIVA, Sonardyne, Wavefront Systems, and, last but not least, Voyis.

Complete Solution for Mine Countermeasures Operations

An area where Forcys has already been playing an active role is MCM (mine countermeasures). These operations consist of 4 stages: Detection, Classification, Identification (ID), Disposal/Neutralization. Along with its technology partners, Forcys can provide combined solutions to increase the lethality and speed of each stage.

The first two stages of mine detection and classification can be completed using Wavefront System’s multi aperture side-scan sonar technology. Their Solstice sonar can map large areas at high-resolution and both detect and classify mine-like objects that need to be investigated further.

Once all mine-like object (MLO) contacts have been identified, Voyis Insight laser scanner and Observer stills cameras can be used to complete the identification stage and improve target localization for neutralization/recovery. The high-resolution laser data allows for precise remote identification of targets, without having to deploy a diver for visual identification.

In addition to that, the Voyis modular Recon LS payload is ideally suited to optimize navy MCM operations, enabling autonomous reacquire missions to be executed with the same uncrewed/unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) assets used in the detection and classification stages. Complete visual identification data, comprised of quantitative 3D laser and qualitative stills image data, can be efficiently collected for all MLOs in a single survey mission. Once the vehicle is recovered, the data can be rapidly assessed using EIVA’s post-processing software and divers or remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems can be deployed to neutralize high probability targets.

To support disposal/neutralization, Sonardyne’s Initiation Transponder 6 can be used to enable remote wireless charge initiation using a secure acoustic link.

Complementary Sensors for AUV Missions

The adoption of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) is increasing, with these platforms continually advancing in capabilities and generated data deliverables. Sensors such as Wavefront Systems’ Solstice and Voyis’ Recon enable these vehicles to perform at a level far beyond what has been expected allowing operators to make informed decisions quickly, safely, and cost effectively.

Combining the highly capable Solstice multi-aperture sonar with Voyis’ Recon LS laser and camera AUV module offers a complete surveying solution consolidating the benefits of wide area mapping for initial detection/classification and highly detailed 3D modeling and imaging for further identification/investigation. This is just an example of the type of combined solution that Forcys can offer.

Beyond MCM, Forcys technology solutions can be deployed across a range of underwater domain applications including anti-submarine warfare, autonomy, diving, hydrography, intruder detection, ranges, and submarine recue. Working with Forcys we stand ready to support your specific defence challenges.

Contact us and Forcys to learn more.

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