Offshore Wind Inspections with Voyis and Outland Technology

Written by Patricia Sestari

April 23, 2024


In the realm of subsea exploration, every advancement marks a leap forward in our understanding of the ocean’s mysteries. Voyis, a pioneering force in underwater imaging technology, is excited to share more details about the groundbreaking collaboration with Outland Technology, heralding a new era of underwater ROV inspections. 

A Visionary Leap 

At the heart of this partnership lies the Discovery Stereo Camera. Designed to capture the intricate details of the underwater world with unparalleled clarity and precision, the Discovery Stereo Camera represents a visionary leap in subsea imaging technology. 

With its ability to generate real-time 3D models, high-resolution still images, and breathtaking 4K video footage, the stereo camera is a significant change for subsea exploration and inspection. Its capabilities empower researchers, scientists, and industry professionals to unlock new insights by improving their situational awareness.  

Outland Technology has integrated the Discovery Stereo Camera with the ROV-3000, Outland’s latest innovation in remotely operated vehicles. Engineered for unrivaled performance and durability, the ROV-3000 sets new standards in subsea exploration. 

With a depth rating of 2,000 feet (600 meters) and automatic depth, heading, and pitch adjustments, the ROV-3000 is a versatile tool for a wide range of underwater tasks. Its user-friendly design and customizable features make it accessible to both seasoned professionals and newcomers to subsea exploration.  

Saving Time and Cost in Riser Inspections  

The integration of Voyis’ Discovery Stereo Camera with Outland’s ROV-3000 offers significant advantages in conducting riser inspections for oil and gas offshore operations. Traditionally, riser inspections have been time-consuming and costly endeavors, often requiring extensive manpower and specialized equipment. 

With the combined package of the Discovery Stereo Camera and the ROV-3000, these inspections can now be performed with greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The high-resolution imagery and real-time 3D modeling capabilities of the Discovery Stereo Camera allow inspectors to thoroughly assess the condition of risers with unparalleled clarity and precision. 

Furthermore, the versatility and user-friendly design of the ROV-3000 enable operators to navigate complex underwater environments with ease, reducing the time required to complete inspections. Automatic depth, heading, and pitch adjustments streamline the process, while customizable features cater to specific inspection requirements. 

By minimizing the time and resources needed to conduct riser inspections, the combined solution not only improves operational efficiency but also reduces overall costs for oil and gas companies. This allows them to allocate resources more effectively and focus on other critical aspects of offshore operations, ultimately enhancing productivity and profitability. 

Enhancing Inspections for Offshore Wind Farms with Class ROVs 

In the realm of offshore wind energy, the combined solution of Voyis’ Discovery Stereo Camera and Outland’s ROV-3000 offers a game-changing advantage in conducting inspections of wind turbine structures and subsea components. 

The Discovery Stereo Camera‘s ability to capture high-resolution still images, real-time 3D models, and 4K video footage provides unparalleled visibility into the condition of wind turbine assets. 

By leveraging the robust capabilities of the ROV-3000, operators can maneuver with precision around wind turbine structures, capturing detailed imagery of critical components such as cables, towers, and foundations. This comprehensive visual data enables users to identify potential issues early on, allowing for proactive maintenance and minimizing downtime. 

Overall, the integration of Voyis’ imaging expertise with Outland’s reliable ROV platform enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of inspections for offshore wind farms, ultimately contributing to the sustainability and longevity of renewable energy infrastructure. 

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