Perception ROV Skids

Our high-resolution underwater imaging systems and powerful underwater laser scanners neatly packed into an ROV skid.



Our complete dynamic underwater laser & stills imaging survey package for small ROVs that drastically simplifies integration.

Perception XL

Our Perception XL ROV Skid designed for large work-class ROVs enables simple and reliable 3D inspections.

Why Voyis Perception?

Enables simplified digital twinning

Reliable 3D inspection & survey solution

Real-time data without long processing times

EIVA software connection optimizes workflow

For small ROVs


The Perception inspection-class skid is the first survey-grade 3D inspection solution for small ROVs to deliver high-accuracy inspection and image mapping in a module add-on package.

In a collaboration with navigation providers, the skid comes pre-integrated with all the required positioning sensors in a neutrally buoyant solution that doesn’t impact vehicle dynamics.

Key Features


Cost-Effective 3D Inspections

Perform high resolution, asset inspection on small ROVs for simplified deployment and reduced project costs


Simplified Integration

Pre-integrated and tested with high accuracy navigational sensors to eliminate complex system integration and validation


Real-Time Data Workflow

Onboard processing delivers instantaneous data to the topside computer for live QC and reporting. Supports EIVA software for a survey-grade solution.


VideoRay Defender Skid

Pre-integrated skid specifically designed for the VideoRay Defender with onboard survey navigation

Seatronics VALOR Skid

Pre-integrated skid specifically designed for the Seatronics VALOR with onboard survey navigation

EIVA Onboard Data Processing

Onboard data amalgamation, deep-learning, and eventing for a complete data processing solution

For Large / Work-Class ROVs

Perception XL

The Perception XL dynamic laser and stills skid is a turn-key survey solution with all the equipment and software, pre-configured and calibrated, to enable plug-and-play high-resolution geo-referenced underwater surveys.

The solution can be mobilised quickly with worldwide rental options, and drastically reduces the risks and complexity commonly associated with piecemeal sensor integrations.

Key Features


Wide-Area Digital Twins

Ultra-high-resolution 3D models of entire underwater assets to assess integrity


High-Accuracy Reliably Data

3D models with millimetre accuracy using the Voyis Insight laser scanner and high-grade Sonardyne INS


Simplified Integration

Pre-integrated and tested with high accuracy navigational sensors to eliminate complex system integration and validation


Certified ROV Skid for Work-Class ROVs

Complete neutrally buoyant skid designed by industry experts, and compatible with the majority of work-class ROVs

Contactless Dynamic Metrology

Accurate metrology measurements over long baselines. Non-contact methodology requires ROV to simply fly between the two hubs to produce 3D measurements

Complete Pipeline Inspection Solution

Collect complete laser and stills pipeline data with optional EIVA software for defect detection and reporting

Class 3B Laser Product

448nm, <75mW, 1mSec to CW
EN/IEC 60825-1 2014

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What is an ROV Skid?

An ROV skid is a pre-integrated sensor frame that incorporated all the required sensors and software for dynamic laser scanning and wide area image mapping. The package comes complete with all the required cabling and a calibrated navigational system for reliable and accurate results without a need in-field setup. Skid are optimized to match ROV dimensions and standard mounting connections, ballasted to be neutrally buoyant and balanced to minimize effects on vehicle dynamics.  

What ROVs are supported?

Skid solutions are available for larger Work-class and Observation-class vehicles, as well as most common small platforms like the Seatronics VALOR, Saab Falcon, and VideoRay Defender. The design is highly configurable for use on custom platforms, and third party sensors can be incorporated to meet customer requirements. 

What is required to outfit my vehicle with a Perception skid?

The Perception skids are shipped to the customers in a fully assembled, calibrated, and tested package. Users simply mount the skid onto the ROV and connect the single payload interface to the vehicle to provide power and communication Standard software is installed to configure sensor settings, and real-time data can be viewed through the vehicle tether’s ethernet or fiber connection  

How quickly is the laser data available for review?

Volumetric 3D models and high-resolution stills images are cleaned, enhanced, and processed all onboard the sensors in real-time which can be fed to machine learning algorithms.

What is the data workflow?

All data is processed in real-time and streamed to the topside control computer for instantaneous target assessment. Navigational data can be post-processed for improved accuracy if required for the application. Separate supplier software packages can be provided for optical and navigational sensors, or EIVA survey software can be included for an all-in-one control and analysis package. 

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