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Underwater Imaging Systems

Our underwater imaging systems pair our Observer cameras with our Nova LED panels for crisp, evenly illuminated stills images.


observer micro underwater imaging systems

Observer & Nova Micro

Our compact imaging system for small, high-speed vehicles – the perfect combination of speed and range.

Voyis Observer and Nova Pro

Observer & Nova Pro

Our longest-range imaging system with actively cooled sensors and ultra high-density Nova LED panels with 700,000 lumens.

Recon AUV Imaging

Complete ready-to-deploy imaging module sections specifically designed for your AUV platform.

Why Voyis Underwater Imaging Systems?

Extreme clarity at high vehicle speeds

16-bit images capture both light and dark areas

Real-time onboard image enhancement & correction

Machine-learning delivers true-colour images


Observer & Nova Micro

The Observer & Nova Micro imaging system was designed to collect crisp, high-resolution images on small high-speed vehicles.

The highly compact camera enables simple integration into tight platforms, and our Nova LED panel can be adapted to meet any vehicle needs. The system is highly versatile and can be optimized for any project goals, offering both colour and monochrome images in 5MP and 12MP.

Key Features


Low Power Draw

Long mission durations on small AUVs are made possible with 5W camera and compact optics assembly


Customized Illumination

Our Nova LEDs are custom-oriented based on your needs/placement to ensure even image illumination


Real-Time Enhancement & Correction

Onboard image enhancement and colour-correction machine-learning enables crisp, true-colour images


AUV Modules

Simple integration into neutrally buoyant AUV payloads to upgrade your underwater vehicle’s capability

ROV Skids

Our imaging systems can be deployed onto skids for use on small inspection-class ROV platforms

Mine Identification Payload

We offer a complete imaging solution for mine-identification on small underwater vehicles


Observer & Nova Pro

The Observer Pro imaging system was designed to push the limits of long-range imaging on AUVs and achieve wide-area optical surveys at 10+m range.

Actively cooled sensors come together with incredibly high output Nova LED panels to achieve blur-less images at 6 knots to enable ultra short exposure times. The 5MP sensor limits data storage requirements for long duration missions.

Key Features


Longest Range Imaging

Our high-sensitivity sensor paired with our 600,000-lumen light delivers imaging at over 10m altitude


Seamless Image Mosaics

High-dynamic range images and proprietary undistortion enables consistent image quality across FOV for perfect mosaics


Real-Time Enhancement & Colour Correction

Onboard image enhancement and colour-correction machine-learning enables crisp, true-colour images


AUV Integration

The Observer and Nova have proven integration with large AUVs for long-range imaging surveys at up to 6000m

ROV Deployment

Integration into standard ROV skids for work-class ROVs or bespoke integration for new vehicles is possible

Custom Pipeline Inspection Solution

Our stills imaging system can be integration with EIVA Deep Learning to provide real-time pipeline defect detection

Software: ViewLS

Our ViewLS software is an all-in-one interface for directly controlling Voyis products. It gives you the ability to view the system’s status and diagnostics and to view data acquisition in real-time.

✔️ Direct connection to view status/control settings

✔️ View real-time laser and stills data

✔️ Optional data Module has complete processing tools

Add-on: Laser Scanners

Our Insight Underwater Laser scanners seamlessly integrate to provide quantitative data to your imaging surveys.

✔️ Highest resolution 3D data

✔️ Static & dynamic options

✔️ Reliable vehicle integrations



 Observer & Nova MicroObserver & Nova Micro - 4KObserver & Nova Pro
TypeMonochromeMonochrome, ColourMonochrome, Colour
Resolution2464 x 2056 - 5MP4112 x 3008 - 12MP2560 x 2160 - 5.5MP
SensorsCMOS 2/3”, Global Shutter CMOS 1.1”, Global ShuttersCMOS 4/3”, Actively Cooled, Global Shutter
Bit Depth12 bit12 bit16 bit
Max Range7m7m> 10m
Field of ViewHorizontal: 50° | Vertical: 43° Horizontal: 60° | Vertical: 46° - ColourHorizontal: 50° | Vertical: 50°
Horizontal: 68° | Vertical: 59°
Depth Rating1000m or 6000m1000m or 6000m4000m or 6000m
Nova Light Output300,000 lumens300,000 lumens700,000 lumens (2 panels)

For the full comparison, download the Datasheet.

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What is the maximum range and speed for the imaging systems?

Our camera and lighting systems are highly modular and can be combined into a solution that meets your survey requirements. Our Pro line utilizes actively cooled sensors with incredibly high sensitivity to deliver long-range, low light, imaging, while our Micro line is compact and low power draw for small vehicles. Lighting systems can be sized according to the expected vehicle speed to achieve crisp images with short exposure times.  

What is imaging with High Dynamic Range?

Our cameras utilize High Dynamic Range imaging techniques to capture both light and dark areas of targets, enabling lossless image enhancement to deliver balanced lighting across the image and high consistency across surveys. Typical images utilize 8-bits of intensity information for each pixel, which can result in under illuminated or over-saturated sections of an image. Voyis cameras capture images with 16-bits of intensity information, so we can deliver exceptional real-time image enhancement. 

Do the images require any post-processing?

Our imaging solutions come with real-time image enhancement software to correct for image distortions caused by the lens and water interface, and level lighting across the field of view. This enables instantaneous use of the full field of view and improves the effectiveness of automated detection algorithms.  

Our ViewLS software provides machine learning colour enhancement to automatically deliver true colour imagery. 

Can the images be used to create mosaics?

Voyis image enhancement is designed to provide highly consistent image mosaics in any third-party software. Consistent light levelling across image sequences and proprietary image undistortion enable seamless mosaics and wide-area image mapping.  

What is machine learning colour correction?

Underwater colour imaging is very challenging due to the variations in light absorption for different colours of light (wavelengths). The typical result is images with a blue hue, since blue is the colour best transmitted through water. Manual corrections can be used to produce colour corrected images, but this is inconsistent and not suitable for large survey datasets. 

Voyis has developed a machine learning solution for colour enhancement that provides consistent and automatic correction for large image datasets. An input dataset is automatically analysed to generate a training model for the specific camera system configuration and operating environment. This model is then utilized to correct colour and light levels on future surveys, delivering true colour representations that have been validated with colour charts references.  

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