Underwater Photogrammetry in Offshore Energy Operations

Written by Patricia Sestari

February 8, 2024


Offshore energy exploration and production present unique challenges and opportunities, requiring innovative solutions to optimize efficiency, safety, and environmental stewardship. In this blog, we will explore how underwater photogrammetry is revolutionizing the offshore energy industry, offering invaluable insights and capabilities for exploration, construction, maintenance, and environmental monitoring. 

Offshore Asset Inspection and Maintenance 

Offshore energy infrastructure, including platforms, pipelines, and subsea installations, requires regular inspection and maintenance to ensure safe and reliable operations. Underwater photogrammetry provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for inspecting these assets, enabling detailed assessments of structural integrity, corrosion, and equipment condition.  

With that in mind, Voyis’ advanced Discovery Vision System empowers offshore operators to conduct comprehensive inspections with precision and accuracy, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational uptime. 

Subsea Construction and Installation 

The construction and installation of subsea infrastructure demands precise planning and execution to achieve success. Underwater photogrammetry plays a crucial role in these processes, providing accurate topographic data, bathymetric maps, and 3D models for site preparation, route optimization, and construction monitoring. 

Environmental Monitoring and Impact Assessment 

Environmental stewardship is a paramount concern in offshore energy operations, with regulators and stakeholders increasingly focused on minimizing ecological impacts and ensuring sustainable practices.  

Underwater photogrammetry offers valuable capabilities for environmental monitoring and impact assessment, allowing operators to track changes in marine ecosystems, assess habitat health, and mitigate potential risks.  

Voyis’ optical sensors support comprehensive environmental monitoring programs, providing actionable insights to support regulatory compliance and promote responsible resource management. 

Subsea Asset Lifecycle Management 

In addition to that, effective management of subsea assets throughout their lifecycle is essential for optimizing performance, minimizing risk, and maximizing returns on investment. Underwater photogrammetry facilitates asset lifecycle management by enabling accurate documentation, monitoring, and analysis of asset condition, degradation, and performance over time.  

Voyis’ Discovery Vision Systems provide offshore operators with the tools and insights needed to make informed decisions regarding asset maintenance, repair, and decommissioning, ensuring long-term viability and sustainability. 

Safety is paramount in offshore energy operations, with operators continually seeking to identify and mitigate risks to personnel, assets, and the environment. Underwater photogrammetry enhances safety and risk management efforts by enabling remote data capture and analysis, reducing the need for personnel to perform hazardous tasks in the field. 

 As the offshore energy industry continues to evolve, the integration of underwater photogrammetry emerges as a transformative technology, offering unprecedented capabilities to enhance efficiency, safety, and environmental stewardship. With Voyis’ advanced photogrammetric solutions, offshore operators can unlock new insights, streamline operations, and achieve sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive and challenging landscape. By harnessing the power of underwater photogrammetry, the future of offshore energy looks brighter than ever, promising safer, more efficient, and more sustainable operations for generations to come. 


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