Introducing Discovery Stereo Camera for Shallow Depths

Written by Patricia Sestari

February 14, 2024


Discovery Stereo Camera 300m rated

Last year, Voyis revolutionized underwater operations with the launch of the Discovery Stereo camera, boasting an impressive 4000-meter depth rating with high accuracy dome viewports. This innovative product delivered true depth perception and real-time 3D modeling to ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) platforms across the ocean sector. Taking an innovative approach, the Discovery is a more than a stereo camera, it is a Vision System that simultaneously records low-latency piloting video, high-resolution stills images, and 3D models. With a wide 75°x75° field of view and onboard edge computing, the system instantaneously delivers 3D depth maps to enable true autonomy, from fine manipulator automation, accurate vehicle docking and visual tracking, or station keeping without seabed bottom-lock.

Today, Voyis releases a 300-meter depth rated version of the Discovery Stereo, delivering the same performance and accuracy but in a package that is lower cost and neutrally buoyant.


Key Benefits of the Discovery Stereo 300m Rated

A remarkable feature of the 300m rated Discovery Stereo camera is its neutrally buoyant design that is achieved without compromising on the proven system accuracy. This advancement drastically simplifies integration into small ROVs for shallow water applications, ensuring ROV piloting dynamics are not affected. The most intricate details of the underwater world can now be captured on smaller platforms that are both lower cost and easier to deploy. With the neutrally buoyant Discovery Stereo camera, you will experience enhanced stability and ease, allowing you to capture stunning images, video, and 3D data with simple integration.

The paired Nova Mini lights are smaller and employ corrected optics that expand the illumination coverage. This ensures the entire camera’s field of view is perfectly illuminated, maximizing target coverage rates, and improving the robustness of tracking algorithms.

In addition to that, the 300-meter rated Discovery Stereo camera generates the highest quality datasets in this depth class. With other shallow rated stereo products compromising on performance to achieve their reduced cost and weight requirements, 300m Discovery maintains all product functionality and accuracy, simply in an optimized form factor. This new product version was created to assist operations in shallower water, without compromising data quality and precision.

By prioritizing both performance and adaptability, the Discovery Stereo camera empowers users to navigate shallower waters without compromising on the unparalleled quality of the collected data. Its advanced features not only elevate the standards for underwater inspections but also make it an indispensable tool for various ocean sciences and civil infrastructure applications where precision and data integrity are paramount.

Underwater 3D model generated with the Discovery Stereo Camera


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