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Energizing the Depths: Boosting ROI in Offshore Wind Investments with Optical Sensors

The global push for renewable energy has led to a surge in offshore wind investments. While offshore wind offers substantial environmental benefits, it often comes with a longer payback period compared to traditional energy sources like oil and gas. To maximize the...

Energizing the Depths: A Journey into Offshore Energy

The energy landscape of our planet is undergoing a profound transformation, and Voyis is at the forefront of this exciting evolution. As a pioneering provider of cutting-edge technology for the offshore energy market, Voyis is igniting the Offshore Energy campaign by...

Voyis & OceanScan: Unleashing the Versatility of Small AUVs

In the vast world of underwater exploration, small Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) have often been overshadowed by their larger counterparts. However, thanks to the strategic partnership between Voyis and OceanScan-MST, these lightweight AUVs are taking center...

NATO’s Expansion and Securing our Oceans with Optical Systems

In an increasingly interconnected world, the vast expanse of the world's oceans plays a crucial role in global security and commerce. As nations strive to protect their maritime interests, new challenges and threats arise. Seabed warfare, a domain that was once...

Ocean’s Day 2023

Happy Ocean's Day! At Voyis, we are proud to contribute to the preservation of our precious marine ecosystems through our innovative underwater optical sensors. Today, on this special occasion, we would like to share how our cutting-edge technology aids in the...

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