Exploring New Depths: The Key Benefits of the Stereo Camera 300m Rated

Written by Patricia Sestari

March 1, 2024


Last year marked a milestone in underwater exploration with Voyis’ groundbreaking release of the Discovery Stereo camera, a technological marvel designed to revolutionize underwater operations. With an impressive 4000-meter depth rating and high-accuracy dome viewports, this innovative product brought true depth perception and real-time 3D modeling to ROV platforms across the ocean sector. Now, Voyis takes a step further with the launch of the Discovery Stereo Camera 300m Rated, catering to shallow-depth exploration with unparalleled precision and efficiency. 

Neutrally Buoyant Design

One of the most remarkable features of the Discovery Stereo 300m Rated camera is its neutrally buoyant design, achieved without compromising on system accuracy. This advancement simplifies integration into small ROVs for shallow-water applications, ensuring stability and ease of deployment without affecting piloting dynamics. Now, even smaller platforms can capture the intricate details of the underwater world with enhanced stability and precision. 

Enhanced Illumination Coverage

Paired with Nova Mini lights featuring corrected optics, the Discovery Stereo 300m Rated ensures uniform illumination coverage across its entire field of view. This optimization maximizes target coverage rates and improves the robustness of tracking algorithms, guaranteeing the highest quality datasets even in shallower depths. With expanded illumination coverage, users can capture stunning images, video, and 3D data with unparalleled clarity and accuracy. 

Optimized Performance

While other shallow-rated stereo products may compromise on performance to meet reduced cost and weight requirements, the Discovery Stereo 300m Rated maintains all functionalities and accuracy, albeit in an optimized form factor. This ensures that operations in shallower waters can benefit from the same level of precision and data integrity as deeper explorations, without any compromise on quality. Whether for underwater inspections, ocean sciences, or civil infrastructure applications, the Discovery Stereo Camera sets a new standard for performance and adaptability. 

Benefit to Shallow Water Inspections

The Discovery Stereo Camera 300m Rated offers significant benefits for shallow water inspections, providing unmatched precision and efficiency in exploring these environments. Its neutrally buoyant design allows for seamless integration into small ROVs, enabling precise maneuverability and stability during inspections. With enhanced illumination coverage, even the most intricate details of shallow-water ecosystems or structures can be captured with clarity, facilitating thorough inspections and assessments. Moreover, the optimized performance ensures that data collected in shallow waters maintains the same high standards of accuracy and quality as deeper explorations, making the Discovery Stereo Camera an invaluable tool for underwater inspections in various industries. 

In conclusion, the launch of the Discovery Stereo Camera 300m Rated marks a significant advancement in underwater exploration, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency in shallow-depth operations. Empowering users to explore new depths with confidence and clarity, this innovative camera system sets a new standard for underwater imaging technology, redefining the possibilities of shallow water inspections and exploration. 


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