Introducing Forcys

Written by Patricia Sestari

June 7, 2022


We wanted to let you know about an exciting development within the Covelya Group of companies. As of June 7th, 2022, all group companies’ business development activities in the defence sector will be led by a new entity with the name of Forcys. This reorganization will provide the global maritime defence market with a single point of contact to access all our group companies’ products and services.  

Forcys: A sea change in naval underwater technology 

Forcys seeks to make the underwater domain a safer place by putting technology, not people, in harm’s way. Forcys will offer technologies from across our group of companies to provide navies with remote, autonomous, networked control to achieve unmatched integrated situational awareness and dominance. To do this, Forcys will be tasked with marketing and providing expert business advice to you when addressing defence opportunities. Forcys will be supported by sales and engineering expertise from across the Covelya Group companies. 

All Covelya Group companies will continue to develop, sell and market their solutions and services following the same high-quality standards you have come to expect from us. In addition, all existing contracts will remain with the Covelya Group entity with which you are already working with.  

Forcys remit is to provide defence domain expertise and work with all Covelya Group companies to better develop this market, always with the customer in mind. It will help to develop a culture across our group that matches your needs and will help us grow in this buoyant and critical sector. 

Forcys will be lightly staffed initially with Ioseba Tena serving as Commercial Director and Justin Hains MBE as Business Development Manager. However, they will act as the spearhead of a 400 strong organisation across our group. It is this depth and existing portfolio that Forcys will seek to leverage to support large and ambitious defence opportunities. 

Commenting on the launch, Ioseba Tena, Commercial Director of Forcys, said:

‘Our technology partners have a strong and proven pedigree in the undersea domain, one that offers trusted capabilities to our customers. In bringing these services and technologies together under Forcys, we are not simply providing technologies that address the challenge our customers face today, but ensuring they are able to meet the operational requirements of tomorrow with comprehensive, integrated solutions.’

Contact us to learn more about Forcys! 

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