Introduction to the New Insight Nano: High Resolution 

Written by Patricia Sestari

October 13, 2022


With over a decade of successful projects, Voyis has decided to fuse customers’ feedback with the latest sensor technologies to deliver the next generation compact underwater laser scanning product – with higher data resolution, faster data capture, and greater control than ever before. Voyis is pleased to release the latest model in the Insight laser scanner family, the new Insight Nano.  

A compact and robust design capable of generating high-resolution 3D modelling in the most difficult-to-reach places. This new revolutionary product is another way we are accomplishing our mission to See the Depths like We See the Surface

This blog is part of our Introduction to the new Insight Nano series, and this edition will focus on the high-resolution data created by the sensor.  

High resolution Point Cloud  

The new Insight Nano measures over 2000 data points per laser profile, enabling it to deliver greater detail in the 3D models than ever before. This improved capability provides an order of magnitude higher resolution models than Sonar based sensors, and it’s important to keep in mind that the closer you are to the target, the higher the effective resolution will be.  

“Resolution” is defined as the smallest change, or smallest feature, that a sensor can measure or resolve. As the laser scanner gets closer to the target, it’s projected 50-degree laser line will cover a smaller area of the object but will still obtain the same number of data points along the laser line, reducing the distance between adjacent data points. The laser line resolution in millimeters is listed below for common target distances: 

  • 0.1mm resolution @ 0.13m range
  • 0.3mm resolution @ 0.5m range 
  • 0.5mm resolution @ 1.0m range 

This greater detail not only enables more accurate measurements of fine features, but also improves point cloud stitching by gaining more definitive features to match between subsequent scans.  Accurate stitching of successive laser scans, for example on a long tunnel survey, offers users a more complete understanding of the large survey area being surveyed.  

With these features in mind, the new Nano is ideally suited for accurate inspections in confined spaces, like pipe, tunnel, mono pile, and reservoir inspections. At close range, the Nano provides the best possible 3D data that can be obtained underwater, empowering user’s to gain a precise assessment of the asset’s condition.  

The new compact and powerful design enables operators to generate highly accurate digital twins of their hard-to-reach assets for predictive maintenance and yearly condition assessments. Subsequent surveys of an asset can be volumetrically compared to identify changes and model the rate of degradation with sub-millimetric resolution. 

To learn more about the Insight Nano and how it can improve confined space inspections, don’t forget to register for our joint webinar with Eddyfi Technologies at the link below. Join us on October 25th, or if you can’t attend on that day, register anyway and we’ll send you the recording to watch on your own time.

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