Introduction to the Insight Nano: High Speed Rotary Scanning

Written by Patricia Sestari

October 4, 2022


With over a decade of successful projects, Voyis has decided to fuse customers’ feedback with the latest sensor technologies to deliver the next generation compact underwater laser scanning product – with higher data resolution, faster data capture, and greater control than ever before. Voyis is pleased to release the latest model in the Insight laser scanner family, the new Insight Nano.  

A compact and robust design capable of generating high-resolution 3D modelling in the most difficult-to-reach places. This new revolutionary product is another way we are accomplishing our mission to See the Depths like We See the Surface

This blog is part of our Introduction to the new Insight Nano series, and this edition will focus on the revolutionary high speed scanning mode.  

New High Speed Scanning Mode

The new Nano was developed to drastically improve data capture rate, allowing users to complete full 360-degree scans of pipes and tunnels in less time than ever before. The laser scanner can be set into a continuous high-speed scanning mode to rapidly capture data and reduce the total time of a long inspection operation. 3D data is processed and streamed topside in real-time, so if any damage or ovality is detected, an ultra-fine scan can be executed. Consequently, inner tube surveys that historically would have taken days to be completed can now be completed in hours.  

The Nano’s high speed rotary scanning feature provides the ovality, defect, and corrosion detection measurements required for pipeline condition assessment at greater resolution than traditional survey method like sonar or mechanical probes. The resulting sub-millimetric point cloud is more effective than general visual inspection (GVI) to quantify defects and evaluate risk, allowing the operator to plan remediation and repair. 

Sequential laser scans can be effectively stitched together into a complete 3D model of the tunnel by using the high-resolution features to automatically align scans. When deployed onto a pipe crawler or ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles), the high-speed scanning option can quickly deliver the highest accuracy inspection data without needing to drain water from the asset. 

Vehicle Integration 

The Insight Nano can be easily integrated into ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) and Pipe Crawler vehicles, like those from Eddify and DeepTrekker. By simply providing power and serial communications to the product, the Nano can rapidly expand the capability of these vehicles and provides it with a deployment methodology. The system can conduct laser scans in both air and water, ensuring its applicability for the entire inspection scope.  

Integration with Pipe Crawler robots facilitate the quick traversal of pipes and tunnels, stopping at areas of interest to collect a rapid 360-degree scan. Defects can then be evaluated with even higher resolution & precision with a targeted segment scan that leverages ultra-fine profile spacing. 

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