Introduction to the New Insight Nano: Application Versatility  

Written by Patricia Sestari

October 20, 2022


With over a decade of successful projects, Voyis has decided to fuse customers’ feedback with the latest sensor technologies to deliver the next generation compact underwater laser scanning product – with higher data resolution, faster data capture, and greater control than ever before. Voyis is pleased to release the latest model in the Insight laser scanner family, the new Insight Nano.  

A compact and robust design capable of generating high-resolution 3D modelling in the most difficult-to-reach places. This new revolutionary product is another way we are accomplishing our mission to See the Depths like We See the Surface

This blog is part of our Introduction to the new Insight Nano series, and this edition will focus on the versatility for different industry applications.  

Industries and Applications 

The new Insight Nano is designed with versatility and simple operation in mind, making it suitable for inspections and studies in many different industries:  


Coral & Environmental Monitoring: The new Insight Nano generates true scale sub-millimetre resolution 3D point cloud models. The high point density of the data effectively resolves fine-scale dimensional features that acoustic and photogrammetric methods fail to capture, allowing for a more detailed quantifiable understanding of structural and habitat complexity. Using this detailed data, researchers can better understand the effects of declining coral abundance and complexity of reef habitats, enabling the subsequent development of strategies for these vulnerable environments. 

Flume Tank/Sediment Transport: Sediment transport occurs in bodies of water where current and tidal movement is present. Analyzing sediment transport, bed forms, and contour perimeters helps to determine areas where erosion or deposition will occur and aids with understanding bridge scouring. The Insight Nano can be used to 3D scan small dolosse on the floor of the channel to capture the contour perimeter between the dolosse and the highly erodible channel bed.  

Marine Archeology/Artifacts: Obtaining detailed documentation of underwater historical sites provides valuable insight into our cultural heritage and helps to digitally preserve sites for future generations. The new Nano can be used in the field to scan entire sites, or in the lab to scan individual artifacts for close examination and resolution of fine dimensional details. The underwater laser scanner can be simply deployed on a tripod by a diver, or on a small ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) for dynamic laser scanning of larger areas of interest. 

Offshore Energy 

Localized As-Built Inspection: Obtaining accurate as-built information is critical to understanding the initial state of an asset. As-built surveys of new or retrofit underwater installations provide essential information for project commissioning, as well as a detailed record of assets at the time of survey, which can be used as a baseline for future condition or damage assessments. 3D laser scanning provides the most accurate methodology for these underwater inspection applications. 

Internal Mono Pile and I-Tube Inspection: Remove the need for data interpolation by capturing detailed geometry and anomalies that traditional inspection methods would not observe. 3D laser models provide the accuracy and precision needed for making confident engineering decisions, a level of certainty not achievable with mechanical or sonar methodologies. 

Localized Metrology: Highly accurate measurements are required between the hubs on subsea structures and pipelines for the spool piece to be constructed within the tight tolerances required. The Insight Nano highly accurate 3D models provide a more complete understanding of the subsea environment and enable critical measurements to be easily captured using a single system. 

underwater 3d laser data

Vessel Inspection (Hull, Ballast Tank, Propellor, Threat) – The Nano can be simply deployed for a wide variety of vessel inspection tasks when high accuracy condition assessment is required. Its compact size and integrated actuator enable its use inside Ballast tasks to generate complete 3D models from a static deployment frame. It can also be deployed on the exterior of the vessel to accurately model the state of the propeller and hull, without requiring the vessel to enter the dry-dock. 

Mine Countermeasures – The Insight Nano can be easily deployed by divers on a static tripod to generate 3D models of mine-like-objects, or other harbor security threats. 3D models are generated in real-time to provide the precise volume and geometric information required to evaluate lift points and other methods of disposal.  

Civil Infrastructure:  

Municipal Pipe/Tunnel Inspection: Water tunnels can gradually deteriorate over time and increase the risk in structural damage. Acquiring qualitative measurements of a tunnel’s condition, like ovality and crack size, is essential for ensuring reliable and efficient operations. If tunnel condition assessments are not routinely performed, potential risks cannot be properly identified. Unlike traditional inspection methods, underwater laser scanning can be performed in-situ, enabling water tunnels to remain in service during inspection and ensuring no customer or operational inconveniences. 

Confined tank or reservoir inspection: Confined spaces are often difficult to assess. The new Nano can be easily deployed through small entrance points to gain access inside wells, tanks, or reservoirs, to gain a complete 3D understanding of the space. This model can be used to identify connection problems, perforations, or cracks, that be precisely pinpointed and evaluated without needing to deploy personnel into high-risk spaces. With the detailed knowledge obtained from the 3D models, repairs can be conducted more efficiently, effectively, and accurately. 

Hydroelectric dam (turbine inspection, condition assessment): Hydroelectric dam components must be inspected regularly to ensure reliable and efficient operations. The Nano can be easily deployed by Divers or small ROVs to conduct 3D inspections of a wide variety of assets, including turbines, intake gates, pipes, and trash racks. 

Nuclear: Pipe corrosion that goes unnoticed may cause leaking which will impede operations and threaten plant safety. If pipes at nuclear power plants are not properly monitored and repaired when required, safe and effective operation will no longer be possible. Detailed inspections of nuclear power plants are critical to ensure proper control and containment of material and continued safe operation. 

To learn more about the Insight Nano, don’t forget to register for our joint webinar with Eddyfi Technologies at the link below. Join us on October 25th, or if you can’t attend on that day, register anyway and we’ll send you the recording to watch on your own time.

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