Introduction to the New Insight Nano: New vs Old 

Written by Patricia Sestari

September 27, 2022


With over a decade of successful projects, Voyis has decided to fuse customers’ feedback with the latest sensor technologies to deliver the next generation compact underwater laser scanning product – with higher data resolution, faster data capture, and greater control than ever before. Voyis is pleased to release the latest model in the Insight laser scanner family, the new Insight Nano.  

A compact and robust design capable of generating high-resolution 3D modelling in the most difficult-to-reach places. This new revolutionary product is another way we are accomplishing our mission to See the Depths like We See the Surface

This blog is part of our Introduction to the new Insight Nano series, and this edition will focus on the comparison between the previous version, and this new release.  

Data Comparison 

Higher Resolution 

New: 2064 points/line  |  Old: 480 points/line 

We have increased the number of points per line, which means 4x greater resolution and detail. A higher resolution allows users to make more confident decisions during subsea inspections by generating models with enough detail to detect the smallest of defects such as cracks, scratches, or pitting.  

Faster Data Capture 

New: 35 Hz  |  Old: 10 Hz 

Faster data capture means users can capture laser profiles faster, and consequently achieve a tighter resolution between profiles or perform scans at higher speeds – offering increased confidence or increased survey efficiency.  

Higher Sensitivity Sensor  

The new Insight Nano leverages the latest CMOS technology with 65% quantum efficiency, which is capable of delivering faster scanning with shorter camera exposure times to achieve greater laser line detection.  

Improved Robustness 

New: 1000m  |  Old: 350m 

Designed for even the toughest environments, the new Nano is equipped with dual seals on all interfaces for operations in the most difficult to reach places.  

The new improved design with dual seal improves the sensor’s durability and protects it against debris. In addition to that, we have made the lip of the seal sharper for added resistance.  

New Scan Modes  

The new generation Insight Nano introduces new scanning modes:  

  • Precision Mode: with step-wise rotation, this mode is focused on gathering the most amount of detail for higher precision. 
  • High Speed Mode: with continuous rotation, this mode allows you to achieve complete situational awareness in drastically less time.  
  • Dynamic Scanning Mode: this is an optional paid feature, typically done from a moving vehicle. The new Nano allows users to perform dynamic scanning, using 3rd party navigational sensors to create geo-referenced results without the need for manually stitching large point clouds. 

Improved User Interface 

The Insight Nano utilizes our standard ViewLS software and Data Module to deliver real-time dense data, refined control, and complete system status information.  This latest development brings the Insight Nano onto the same operating software as our Insight Pro and Micro systems.  Shifting to ViewLS allows operators to have greater control of their system by enabling customized settings for camera exposure, laser intensity, and scanning parameters. 

Optimized Ambient Light Filter 

The new Insight Nano offers a refined way to deal with scanning in areas with ambient light.  Leveraging a tailored optical filter, the new Nano is focused on wavelengths specific to the laser output and blocks all excess noise. This results in improved 3D models with reduced noise in areas with sunlight or vehicle operating lights. 

Contact us to learn more about the new Nano and stay up to date on all new releases! 

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