Enabling ROV Autonomy for Ocean Sciences & Research

Written by Patricia Sestari

January 11, 2023


The Voyis Perception ROV Skid was built to improve efficiency of inspection class ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles), by creating an all-in-one solution for these portable subsea vehicles. 

By bringing together optical sensors, navigational systems, and software, the Perception Skid is a complete solution for environmental monitoring and marine archeology studies. 

In today’s post, we will go over how the ROV skid can benefit ocean sciences and research operations, to help you easily perform surveys and gather accurate records of your subject in its current state and location. 

An Efficient Solution for Marine Habitat Monitoring  

The Perception Skid allows users to capture extremely high-resolution images and 3D laser data. With this platform researchers can accomplish localized inspections of critical subsea environments leveraging owned assets, minimizing the need for additional capital spend to buy new platforms, you can attach the skid to the vehicle you already own.  

The skid comes integrated with our Insight Micro Laser Scanner and Still Camera. This powerful tool can give users greater detail of benthic habitats or marine protected environments to increase research capabilities. Our true colour correction technology provides information to visually depict the health of corals/ecosystems and identify species of flora/fauna.  

Higher resolution improves machine learning and deep learning algorithms by offering clarity in images, so that it is easier to make out smaller features that differentiate similar species of fish, coral, and other marine life. The output are crisp images, with true colour, no distortion, ready to be uploaded to standard photogrammetry software.  

The Perception Skid is a compact solution, for smaller ROVs. Making it efficient and easy to deploy from smaller platforms, because it does not require a large research vessel – reducing complexity, saving time and cost on expeditions.  

The skid is a plug-and-play solution, with all necessary sensors for a complete subsea inspection.  

The Voyis Perception Skid includes an incredibly powerful optical survey sensor with 3D modelling and image mapping capability from a small ROV platform. Coupled with highly accurate subsea navigation sensors for confident subsea data and vehicle positioning. 

Accurate global positioning with the Sonardyne SprintNav Mini to monitor growth rates in an area of concern after subsequent scans. Ensure you can mobilize to the same area, and your data is georeferenced to overlay on historical datasets (to model volumetric change over time).  

Accessible data formats with all processing done in real-time, which allows researchers to focus on the results of the survey rather than making the data work. 

In addition to that, the skid can come integrated with EIVA’s NaviSuite Mobula. The software can simplify the survey by automating the ROV route planning and it provides a view for the data captured within a single user interface – ensuring you are able to map the entire survey area completely (understand your coverage). 

Download our datasheet to learn more:

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