Enabling ROV Autonomy for Offshore Energy

Written by Patricia Sestari

January 19, 2023


The Voyis Perception ROV Skid was built to improve efficiency of inspection class ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles), by creating an all-in-one solution for these portable subsea vehicles. 

By bringing together optical sensors, navigational systems, and software, the Perception Skid is a complete solution for offshore energy inspections.  

In today’s post, we will go over how the ROV skid can bring benefits from pipeline inspection to oil field metrology, to help you easily perform surveys and gather accurate 3D records of your assets in their current state. 

Efficient Offshore Energy Inspections  

The Perception ROV Skid enables the capabilities of Work class ROVs for Inspection Class ROVs. With the integrated laser scanner and stills camera, you can create 3D models of subsea assets (hubs, jackets, manifolds, pipelines, cables, piles) and capture colour corrected 4K images, for complete situational awareness with a compact solution.  

The Perception Skid can be perfectly integrated with inspection class ROVs. Users can capture high-resolution actionable datasets from smaller platforms to reduce cost, complexity, and survey time to execute localized inspection scopes. Inspection Class ROVs are an excellent cost-saving alternative since it can be up to ten times cheaper than Work Class ROVs.  

The skid is a plug-and-play solution for your existing vehicles, with quick installation to save time offshore and perform multiple survey objectives from one platform. Therefore, users can improve offshore energy survey capabilities with one efficient solution.  

The Perception Skid comes packed with proven industry-leading survey equipment and software, in one factory calibrated skid, with no need for in-field calibration or patch test.  

Combining an incredibly powerful optical survey sensor with 3D modelling and image mapping capability, and highly accurate subsea navigation sensors for confident subsea data and vehicle positioning. 

Generate quantifiable datasets to improve your general visual inspection (GVI) outputs. The Perception ROV skid empowers users to obtain vital 3D dimensions and conditions of subsea assets and environments and generate digital twins of any underwater structures.  

All Voyis sensors allow you to own your survey. There are no additional costs for data processing or image enhancements and no need for additional offshore resources or contractors to operate and perform the scope. 

Download our datasheet to learn more:

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